Trivia Recap – Nov. 30, 2012 – Aubree’s Pizza and Grill (Sticks)

 Editor’s note: Before I started doing real recaps of trivia games, I often posted “mini” recaps of our games. This is one of those from 2012…

Exciting Great Lakes Trivia – Detroit game at Aubree’s Pizzeria & Tavern, Depot Town (Sticks) last night. First place in game one – wagered two points on an Olympics question and got it right, third place in game two following a tiebreaker for second that was so close the MC told us we would have to do rock, paper, scissors if we tied a second time (we would have preferred bear, ninja, cowboy). Had to say which place the state of Maine was ranked among all states in population – we guessed 39th, our opponent guessed 40th and came closest. James Bond final question in game two sunk us – had to name the most recent artist scoring a #1 hit with a James Bond theme song besides the artist who most recently accomplished this. We went back too early and guessed “Live and Let Die” incorrectly. Still, wagering 20, getting it wrong and tying for second wasn’t too shabby! And 114 total league points. Go Pods!

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