On This Day In 1990…


This is one of only a few photos of me at my high school graduation on June 10, 1990. Jesus, look at all of that permed hair! My dad forgot to put film in his camera, otherwise there would be a lot more (it would have been a waste of film anyway, if you ask me). I am unsure what the Hell I’m doing with my hand here, but knowing me, it was probably something very…goofy! The Muslim student sitting a couple of chairs to my right was part of what was probably the only Muslim family in my entire school district. Those kids all had to go to school on Saturdays to learn Arabic. To my left is a German exchange student, whom like me, played saxophone in band. None of us are wearing mortarboards, because there were high winds that day (I was actually relieved, though I had bought a package of bobby pins for affixing the mortarboard to my head…pffft, waste of money). Another far more important event going on that same day was game three of the NBA finals, where the Detroit Pistons would, at the end of the series, defeat the Portland Trailblazers. There were lots of students listening to this game on their Sony Walkman radios. As you can see, one of our class colors that students voted on was purple (which I liked), and the other color worn by the guys was silver. We also voted on the pink rose, and a class song, which was “I Remember You” by Skid Row. I joked at the time that if we HAD to have a Skid Row class song, then why not “Youth Gone Wild” or “18 and Life?” Upon close inspection you might see that I’m wearing a Swatch (damn I loved those things). Also I somehow managed to graduate with honors, because of the honor cords (which I can only imagine can also be fashioned into a noose or used for bondage purposes). Do I still have those things? Probably shoved in a box somewhere! I know I probably have that mortarboard, too. Now to look up instructions on YouTube for tying a noose (LOL)! And to bring this to a close, here’s a photo of Sebastian Bach (he recently published a biography).


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