What Song Am I? A Progressive Mystery Trivia Round!

I’ve battled LOTS of tough trivia questions this week! A Stanley Cup finals question last Tuesday, that Brie Larson high-grossing movies question on Thursday (my first job when answering this  was…who’s Brie Larson – and if I somehow figure out who the hell she is…what movies has she been in)? And Saturday, we had to know EXACTLY how many cornets were nearby in the “76 trombones” lyrics of a song from The Music Man. WTF? They couldn’t have made this a “within five” or “within 10” question? I had to check my poor brain into a rape trauma center after playing this game!

Well, it’s MY turn to be the quizmistress! I’ve put on my quizmistress hat and I’m going see if YOU can answer THIS progressive trivia question! The clues will start out VERY vague, then end up only LESS vague! I COULD make the last one super easy, but…  you guys are ALL advanced placement trivia players and I ain’t wearing any kid gloves! However, since I am a human being, I WILL put additional clues (at least two) in the comments! Don’t use the Google, look at the comments! Without further ado, let’s play! Now…what SONG am I?

  1. I was released in 1983
  2. I peaked at #15 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts in early 1984
  3. I am a “one-hit-wonder” (only charting song by my band)
  4. I am a novelty song inspired by Vaudeville performers

Need another hint? Don’t resort to using the Google (you dirty dogs)! Look at the comments!

2 thoughts on “What Song Am I? A Progressive Mystery Trivia Round!

  1. If you’re looking here, it means you want another hint! A name of ONE particular person involved in a trio of famous Vaudeville performers is mentioned in the title of the song!

  2. Not enough hints? The “bald” person in the Vaudeville trio is included in the song’s title, and the other word commonly refers to a “random” selection of music (seven letters). I am BOUND AND DETERMINED TO NOT LET THIS SONG BE FORGOTTEN!

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