Interesting What You Find When You Get Caught Up With Junk Mail…

I’m taking advantage of the mild temperatures today and (trying) to get some cleaning done around the house. One of the tasks I just completed was going through ALL of our old mail. And looky what I happened to find in the pile…


Oooh, a mystery! What game was THIS sheet from? I would have to find out!

Using the “search” feature on this blog site, I started to type in search words from this score sheet that seemed to be the most unique, so I typed in “classic actresses.” Judging from the “” clue on the bottom right, I figured it had to be a trivia recap from the month of February.  And here is the resulting recap, from February, 24, 2015 at Maiz Mexican Cantina in Ypsilanti, MI. Boy, have a LOT of things changed since then!  For one, Maiz no longer offers trivia nights. Quite a string of different hosts were at the helm since it started offering trivia in (I want to say) 2015, including Rachel Sue, Charlie (a temporary host), a couple of jockish guys whose names I can’t recall (I think one of them was Nate), and the last host to serve up these shows was Jessi (whom did a pretty decent job).

We played at this spot semi-regularly at the beginning, and began playing here every week for one season in the spring/early summer of 2015. We did not win a tournament spot at the end of the season, sadly enough!

Now that a new craft beer joint has opened in Ypsilanti, perhaps there will be another Monday trivia spot! On Saturday, a few of us visited 734 Brewing in Ypsilanti and were very impressed! All of the beers were tasty, and their full-time prices are quite reasonable (all sell for $3-3.50/pint). I’m sure it won’t be the last time we stop in there for some drinks! After my husband and I get done with our gardening and house cleaning, perhaps we’ll stop in for a drink tonight!

And don’t think I’m overlooking the elephant in the room! As for why I had a trivia score sheet from 2015 in a pile of old mail, I honestly don’t know! All I’m gonna say is…better late than never? Our maid had the week off? Are none of these excuses resounding with you? On that note, the “maid” needs to get back to work, now pardon me while I go smack her around a bit and tell her to stop goofing off with her blog site!!!!

Now I’m wondering…which T.V. maid was the sassiest? Alice from “The Brady Bunch?” Nell from “Gimme a Break? Rosie from “The Jetsons?” Or that maid on “The Jeffersons?” I think my vote is for the last one…Florence? If I could afford to have a maid, I would like my maid to look like (and act) this…


Versatile character actor Hank Azaria as housekeeper Agador Spartacus in The Birdcage. Currently he is starring in a IFC series called “Brockmire,” which I’d REALLY love to be able to watch!


Enjoy this little “time capsule.”

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