Some News Headlines From This Day – May 17, 1997…

Editor’s Note: Here’s a little time capsule of this day in 1997. Have fun going back in time! It looks like the major news headlines included Joseph Mobutu being exiled from the DRC and some kind of NBA basketball to-do. In really, really minor news, a 25-year-old man and woman were married in Ypsilanti, MI in a church not far from the Deja Vu strip club…please note that none of the day’s festivities involved actually GOING to the strip club. For the bride and groom, anyway. Can’t speak for Uncle Richard, who used one of the disposable cameras to take a photo of his crotch, which I made sure to mail to him later on along with a thank you card (true story)! Maybe people who attended our wedding stopped in to “The Vu” for lap dances. Maybe the only reason some people came is because they were going to the Vu anyway and it was convenient. I honestly don’t know, and I really don’t care! All of that said, here I go with this time capsule of May 17, 1997…


The happy wedded couple on May 17, 1997

Other May 17, 1997 Headlines:

“Mobutu flees, resistance crumbles,” Detroit Free Press.


Former Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Mobutu, whose three-decade reign ended around May 17, 1997. His main turn-ons included flying his Concorde jet to Paris for shopping trips, human rights violations, money, money and money.  Also embezzling money. Turn-offs included Soviets, prostate cancer and being exiled by Laurent Kabila.

“On To Game 7,” South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

“DOUBLE WHAMMY – Knicks Lose to Judge and Heat,” New York Daily News.

“Mobutu Flees Zaire’s Capital Ahead of Rebels,” The Los Angeles Times.

“Mobutu Yields Power, Flees City,” Chicago Tribune.

“If You Were Steven Spielberg, You’d Be Smiling Too,” Time.

“From A to X Unfold the Mysteries of ‘The X-Files’ With An Insider’s Guide That Takes You All The Way From Alienation to Hybrids to Kisses to Mortality,” TV Guide.

“Rolling Stone 200 – The Definitive Library Of the Best Albums Ever Made,” Rolling Stone.

And finally…the most important publication of all…note the Donald Trump headline!


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