Offbeat 21st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

I’ve been poking around the ‘Web looking at gift suggestions for 21st wedding anniversaries. And here is one I found amusing…

“Traditionally, you may wish to embrace your twenty-first wedding anniversary with a traditional gift made of brass or nickel. Brass has brilliant acoustic properties, which makes it a great material for trombones, tubas, trumpets and various other brass instruments – perfect if your partner is of the musical sort. Alternatively, there are fine ornaments and figurines you can buy, which will add vintage charm to any room in your home.”

Uh, I am “the musical sort” but I already have a saxophone that I’m not likely to play ever again. Though I do have recurring dreams where I’m playing the trombone (this MUST mean something filthy, I’m convinced of it). I’m not even sure my old saxophone is playable anymore, it likely needs repairs I’m not willing to pay for. So…just buy me some brass knuckles instead! Don’t want to encourage my love of violence? OK, fine! How about nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries? The gift that keeps on giving! Thanks a bunch!


Brass knuckles – the gift that keeps on giving the gift of pain!

Gifts made of copper were also mentioned for 21st anniversary gifts in one web site I saw. Maybe we will go out for a couple of Moscow mules on our anniversary night Thursday! Seems fitting enough. If we wanted to go with more of a “brass” theme, we could drink these “brass monkeys”  instead…(no thanks)!


My mom volunteers in a local thrift shop which is right next to a liquor store. One day she said she saw a guy buy a large bottle of orange pop and a bottle of vodka. He dumped out some of the pop and proceeded to pour in the vodka. I joked that it was a “ghetto screwdriver.” Seriously why would you dump out the pop? That’s wasteful – swig a bit, THEN pour in the vodka!

You really can’t go wrong with the gift of booze for drinking folks who have been married 21 years. Think about what the number 21 means (legal drinking age woot)! Do you remember YOUR first “legal” drink? I think mine was a margarita at the now defunct Chi-Chi’s restaurant in Flint. I even received a complimentary sombrero! Sorry, no photos (I am really not a hat person). My mom wound up using it to keep the sun off her face while she mowed the lawn, that thing lasted for YEARS (she is hopelessly practical).  This MUST be one of the reasons Chi-Chi’s went out of business…the free sombreros pushed them over budget in no time! That and the 2003 hepatitis outbreak. I was lucky – I only managed to get a five-day bout of Montezuma’s Revenge from eating undercooked meat from Chi-Chi’s in 2001. The irony I was a vegetarian at the time – the undercooked meat wound up getting mixed in with my order of veggie fajitas. The temporary water weight loss was nice, but seriously…I wouldn’t wish this kind of gastrointestinal hell on my worst enemies! Oh, the things I could do to my worst enemies if only someone would buy me some brass knuckles (lol).

That’s about it for this list of gift suggestions! My husband and I don’t really buy each other anything for our anniversary, we usually just try to take a nice trip or maybe go out to some joint that has good cocktails/ good desserts. On that note…I wonder if Sidetrack has their strawberry shortcake back on the dessert menu yet?


We planned ahead…we had salads at home before heading out to share this monstrous (but very delicious) strawberry shortcake from Sidetrack in Ypsilanti! This was taken on our anniversary in 2017.

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