Can You ID The Ad Jingles of Auld From Just The Lyrics?

I grew up in the 1970s/1980s, which means advertisement jingles were part of the “soundtrack” to my daily life, and many of them I still remember today (whether I want to or not)! Some of them were radio jingles, some of them were TV jingles, but all were insidious by their nature, skillfully crafted by Madison Avenue advertising geniuses with one goal and one goal alone – “buy our product! Buy it NOW! It will change your life!” And let’s be honest – some of these products really WERE good once you bought them! The Madison Avenue advertising geniuses may have enticed you with their sexy jingles, but if the product was as good as the jingle said it was, you were hooked – line and sinker!

Just today at work, one of my co-workers said she accidentally spilled foundation makeup on her pant leg while counting cosmetics in a recent inventory shift. She said, “I put “Spray and Wash” on it to see if it would get it out. It didn’t. Unfortunately, she dried the garment in her clothes dryer which allowed the pesky stain to set, so her pants are likely doomed. I’m quite a stain slayer, but I don’t think there’s any hope for her pants in this case!


The lyrics to the “Spray and Wash” jingle are as follows…”Spray and wash…gets out…what America gets into…I want nothing more than to be able to sing this to all y’all, but I have the “free” blog plan so I do not have video posting capability, unless I drop some cash for an upgrade. No this is NOT a hint!

Hope you enjoyed that little “freebie” I just gave you all! From here on out, I’m putting on my “Quizmistress” hat – I will provide the lyrics and list the product type to a variety of jingles (omitting the product name), and your job will be to ID the product being sung about! Without further ado, here goes!

Salad topping: “Make a better salad with (blank)…make a better salad today.” This product also had two “companion” products, for which the jingle’s lyrics were modified thusly: “Make a better salad with (blank)…and (blank) and (blank) too.” I watched the commercial for this on YouTube not long ago, and wow…just wow…that talking head of lettuce was a bit disturbing!

Cleaning product: “I’ve been using (blank) on this wood floor of mine…so the dirt is finished but the finish is fine.”


The jingle for the product above is actually based on the traditional folk tune ‘Turkey in the Straw,” which is commonly played on a fiddle. And it’s probably in the public domain!

Snack: “New (blank) got baked potato appeal…with real baked potatoes and skins that are real…”

Soda/pop: “Isn’t it cool…in pink….(blank).” I LOVED this stuff when it came out! And how awesome would it have been if the band Psychedelic Furs OK’d the rights for using their song “Pretty In Pink” in this soda’s jingle? “Isn’t she…pretty in pink.” Was the band even approached? If I’m thinking of it, than surely someone else must’ve thought of it too (I ain’t THAT brilliant).


Isn’t she…pretty in pink…

Air freshener: “Open (blank) a little or a lot…it all depends on the odors you’ve got…(blank) in the closet…open just a touch…(blank) in the kitchen…open it much…(blank) in the bathroom…open wide…helps keep your house smelling fresh and clean inside.”

Soda/Pop: “That great (blank) taste…(blank) won’t go to your waist…now you see it…now you don’t (blank) one small calorie…now you see it…now you don’t!

Hot Dogs/Luncheon Meats: “(blank) welcomes you…welcomes you back home. You’ll  feel like you’re  back  home again…it’s  the taste…hoping to remind you… (blank) welcomes you back home.” This may be regional  to my childhood ‘hood (and neighboring states)…my brother  buys these  every  time he comes down from the “U.P” to visit. God I loved this company’s  macaroni  and cheese “loaf” when I was a kid!

mac_and_cheese loaf

Anyone else remember when they used to wrap deli meats in that white paper? I don’t think the macaroni and cheese loaf made by the company above had pimientos in it…that job was held by pimiento loaf.

Soda/Pop: “I’d like to teach…the world…to sing…in perfect harmony…I’d like to buy the world a (blank)…and keep it company.”

Beverage: “(blank) is…(blank) is…good to the last drop (blank).

Snack: “Munch a buncha munch a buncha munch a buncha munch a buncha (blank) go with lunch…”

Paper product: “Extra value…is what you get…when you buy (blank).


Everything sounds better when it’s coming out of George Clooney’s mom.

Alcoholic Beverage: “If you’ve got the time…we’ve got the (blank….).” This is actually one of my favorite jingles, for some strange reason…

Food: “The incredible, edible (blank).” (Really? Edible is the best thing they have to say about these things? No wonder I won’t eat ’em! Now had they come up with a more inspired jingle…)

Paper product: “(blank) says…bless you.”

Clothing brand: “That’s what (blank) is all about…if they would just stay little ’til their (blank) wear out.”


The store in which I work sells a LOT of this brand of baby clothing.

Snack: “It’s the deep fried taste…it’s the crispy crunch…we’ve all got the fever for the flavor of a (blank).”

Retailer: “I don’t wanna grow up…I’m a (blank) kid…”

Clothing brand: “(blank) 501…501 blues.” OK, this one is kind of easy, isn’t it?


You know this is fiction, right? People this hot don’t go to the laundrette.

Cosmetic brand: “Maybe she’s born with it…maybe it’s (blank).”

Alcoholic Beverage: “(blank)…it’s wet and it’s dry…my oh my my…”


A little photo hint for the product being sung about above.


Snack: “That (blank) freshness lasts right through it,
Your fresh breath goes on and on..”

Breakfast food: “The unsinkable taste of (blank)…not a lot of sugar to weigh down those…(blank).

Health and Beauty: “Get a little closer…don’t be shy….get a little closer…with (blank).”


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