Trivia Recap – May 1, 2018 – Powell’s Pub

Three ‘Pods walked into a bar…uh, what else? Oh yeah, we played a My Trivia Live game at Powell’s Pub on a very pleasant Spring evening, we won a second place/$20 gift certificate, only narrowly finished out of first place by a mere one point – thanks mainly to overthinking a mountains question – and underthinking a question about the Titanic.Oh well, we may not have been on the top of the mountain in terms of scores, but we didn’t exactly sink too badly, either! This time, our usual ‘Pods duo was joined by Brad, whose Olympic sports mojo (among other things) proved very valuable! And we’re off to to the races…er, questions…
Round One
1.Lakes – Located primarily in the upper Midwest region on the U.S. and Canada border, what is the name for the the lagest group of freshwater lakes in the world? 5
2. Mountains – One week after his 19th birthday in 2006, Rob Gauntlett became the youngest person to reach the summit of what mountain in the Himalayas? This is how the question was asked…however…it should have specified “youngest British person.” Gauntlett’s name does not even appear on Wikipedia’s list of the youngest people to have reached the summit of this mountain. I don’t usually nitpick trivia questions, and it’s totally our fault we picked a different summit in the Himalayas than the correct one…I’m just saying this question COULD have been researched a bit better. To date, American Jordan Romero is the youngest person to have reached the summit of this mountain, doing so at age 13 in 2010. Specifying “youngest British person” would have made the question more accurate. And yes, we would have gotten the question wrong no matter how it was worded, so I’ll just get off this soapbox now, lol! Miss for 3.
3. Ocean’s Eleven – Which actress plays Danny Ocean’s ex-wife Tess in the 2001 film Oceans Eleven? 1.
Round Two
1. Birds – Until 2009, what type of bird migrated from Argentina to San Juan Capistrano, CA? 5
2. Cocktails – What type of alcohol is used in a Tom Collins?
3. TV Animals – What type of animal was Arnold Ziffel on “Green Acres?” Honestly I have never watched a single episode of this show, but it still somehow seeped into my brain through some kind of strange pop culture osmosis (I think my mom liked watching it)…but Brad also remembered watching the show. For a three-point bonus, what was the name of Krusty the Clown’s cigarette smoking trained monkey on “The Simpsons?” Another question nitpick (geez…what has gotten INTO me today – I usually leave the question nitpicking to others who are far more skilled at it than I!!!)…
It’s fairly common to confuse an ape for a monkey…but this companion of Krusty is, in fact, an ape (note the lack of tail)!
Got the bonus…woot! Too bad this won’t end up helping us overcome that flub on the mountains question! Maybe a trained chimp would do better on some of these questions than us! God how awesome would THAT be? Having a trained chimp on our team? Is there a rule that all of our players have to be human? Hm… I could get him a little ‘Pods shirt… and a little bellhop hat, a chauffeur’s license so he could be our DD on trivia nights,¬† some roller skates…(JK…JK!).
Round Three
1. Athletes – Although he never ended up playing for either team, which track and field athlete was recruited by both the Chicago Bulls and the Dallas Cowboys after winning gold in the 1984 Summer Olympics? Brad the trivia Olympian here for 5.
2. Debut Albums – “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” is the debut album by what English rock band? 3
3. Games – What is the name of the victim in the U.S. version of the game Clue? 1
Halftime – Presidents
Name the four most recent presidents to have served one term and lose their bid for re-election? The trivia host George was unable to determine whether the presidents had to have served an entire term, took over for another president who died, etc. – and just told us to all do our best and send an e-mail to the league about it. So we did our best here…and managed to get all of these right.
Halftime scores: Ham Wallets, 24; Says Who, 31; Dan Smith, 34; ‘Pods, 37. Unsure what the score was for One Is the Loneliest Number. Why is that not in my notes? Meh, moving on…
Round Four
1. Office Supplies – What office device was made in the 18th century for King Louis XV? Newsletter answer, 6.
2. Rivers – At more than 2,300 miles, what is the longest River in Europe? Considered the right answer, but did not write it down…bah! Miss for 2.
3. Canada – Which Canadian territory’s capital is Whitehorse? 4
Round Five
1. Deal a Meal – What weight loss/fitness personality created the “Deal a Meal” weight loss plan? 6
2. Bruce Lee – What was Bruce Lee’s last completed film in 1978 at the time of his death? Speaking of death…miss for 4!
3. Ships – The RMS Titanic was owned by what prominent shipping company? We were on the right course here, but omitted a key word…miss for 2.
Round Six
1. Hockey – What NHL defenseman was the youngest person to have been inducted in the Hockey Hall of Fame at age 31? Brad and I both came up with the right person (hey…I can name like five hockey players), 2.
2. SNL – Played by Dan Aykroyd, what was Fred Garvin’s occupation on SNL? 6
3. Pizza – Founded in the 1960s, what pizza chain recently became the largest in the world and in the U.S.? The site of the original location of this chain is not very far from where I live, it’s a burger joint now (and the burgers are pretty good)! 4
Scores heading into the final: Ham Wallets, 36; Says Who, 53, Dan Smith, 62; ‘Pods, 65 and One is the Loneliest Number, 66.
Final Category – Movies
What motion picture was the first to show a scene involving a flushing toilet and received a backdated “R” rating in 1984 – 24 years after its original release? Mike and I both came up with the answer right away.
Final Scores: Says Who, 106; 130, ‘Pods and 132, One is the Loneliest Number.
Well that’s it for this recap! We’ll be back at it Thursday, so look for the next recap on Friday. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Herbert Hoover!

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