Worst…Trivia Recap…Ever!

Last week, my husband and I met with one of our friends at a watering hole that was hosting a trivia night. Though we played at this bar for its trivia night last season, we’re not playing “officially” here this season. This bar, unofficially called the “Corner Brewery,” really packs ’em in on trivia nights – with more than 20 teams congregating there every week. Some of these teams are pretty large, with eight players or more cramming around the dining room sized tables.

Though we weren’t officially “playing,” I wound up being “lured” into a game with one of the smaller teams. It all started with Brad asking me a random question…”Heather…what color is Midori liquor?”

“Green,” I said, thinking to myself, “duh.” Then I remembered using Midori to make some wicked cocktails at a New Year’s party a few years ago.

A bit later, Brad said that was one of the trivia questions being asked during the game. I also found out that there was a small team of about three players, one of whom was one of his female co-workers. Brad told me that “they never do that well.” I decided that trying to help this ragtag team would be my humanitarian quest for the evening (lol)!

Before crashing their game, I asked politely, of course, and they seemed happy to have the help. I joined in toward the end of game one, helping them answer questions about:

A TV series starring Rhett Butler airing from 1998 to 2003

Two Ford cars named Motor Trend’s Car of the Year since 2000 (had to name one, both for a nerd bonus point, did not get the bonus)

Insect responsible for causing dengue fever (we missed this one).

The mystery round was anagrams of Martin Scorsese films, I was able to help them get all of these correct.



This was one of the films in the mystery round (it’s a real mind f— of a movie)


Then there was a country music final question. Boo!

The last five Billboard country singles of the year (2012-2017) have been released by either Florida Georgia Line or Sam Hunt. Name two of those five songs.

So I probably helped them a bit in game one…the real test would be game two!

Bear with me…keep in mind I didn’t write down any of the questions, and I honestly don’t remember what any of the questions were. The game two visual mystery round was song titles with “man” or “woman” in the titles, I am pretty sure they got all of those, I helped them with at least two of them (“Magic Man” by the band Heart, and “Secret Agent Man” by Johnny Rivers).

Then it was time to read the scores…(pins and needles, fingers crossed):

The team I “helped” wound up being in third place going into the final! They wanted to wager on it and they missed it…but I’ll still chalk that up to a moral victory! Our “little” team sitting at a bistro table near the door versus those giant teams in the “main” room. It was kind of like a family Thanksgiving dinner, with the little “kids” table versus the table with the adults, if you will. Yeah, maybe I was a “ringer” to them, but I’ll never, ever think of myself that way. I’ve seen way too many players out there far better than I am. I’ll call myself “above average,” but I’ll never call myself a “ringer.” The only time I ever caught wind of someone calling me a “ringer” was in July, 2016, when I helped a friend’s team in Berkley get a finals spot in a Sporcle venue tournament at Patrick J’s. My friend showed me a text from her trivia team captain Ryan which said, “Thanks Amy for sending that ringer our way.”

Yeah…that kind of made my day! I’m not gonna lie. It was a very different experience being able to sit in with a team full of people I’d never met before and helping them win…and being part of my own team trying to get a spot. It’s hard to explain, really. But I felt far more “appreciated” playing with the “strangers” than I do playing with my usual “gang.” Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure they appreciate me for knowing the useless crap that I do as much as I appreciate all of them! It never fails…whenever Brad misses one of our trivia nights, they ALWAYS ask something only he would know.


And thus ends the crappiest trivia game recap I’ve ever written. I didn’t write down any questions, scores, etc. But please forgive me….it was SUPPOSED to be my night off from trivia!


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