Either/Or Trivia – Volume 7


I’m gonna guess they’re not going off somewhere to have a threesome…a scene from All About Eve.


  1. After the U.S. and China, which country is the next biggest beer producer? Germany – or Brazil?
  2. After Brazil, what is the next most populous nation in the world with Portuguese as an official language? Mozambique – or Angola?
  3. Which specific beer has used the slogan “The Champagne of Beers?” Miller Genuine Draft – or Miller High Life?
  4. Which African nation is farthest south? Angola – or Namibia?
  5. Which film received more Oscar nominations for acting categories? All About Eve – or La La Land?
  6. Which musical debuted on Broadway first? Cats – or Les Miserables?
  7. Which brother is older? Peyton or Eli Manning?
  8. Who is older? Madonna – or Caroline Kennedy?
  9. What TV series aired more total episodes – Friends – or Seinfeld?
  10. Which U.S. sports stadium has the larger total capacity? The Rose Bowl – or the L.A. Memorial Coliseum?

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