Either/Or Trivia – Volume 6


Don Knotts as “Mr. Furley” on Three’s Company.
  1. Which character made their debut first – D.C. Comics’ Aquaman – or Bugs Bunny?
  2. Which happened first in 1937 – the premiere of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – or the publication of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit?
  3. Which Steven Bochco TV series won more Emmy Awards? Hill Street Blues – or L.A. Law?
  4. Which African island nation has Portuguese as its official language? Cabo Verde – or Comoros?
  5. Which TV series aired more total episodes – The Wonder Years – or Angel?
  6. Which actor appeared in more episodes of Three’s Company – Norman Fell – or Don Knotts?
  7. Which U.S. state gained its statehood first (both of which happened in 1845)? Texas – or Florida?
  8. Which Canadian province does NOT border Minnesota – Manitoba – or Saskatchewan?
  9. Which die would you would use to roll hit points for a fighter in Dungeons and Dragons? A d10 – or a d12?
  10. Which dog breed weighs more? A Scottish deerhound – or an Irish wolfhound?

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