Cabin Fever Weekend (April, 2018)!

Spring decided to finally happen in Southeast MI, and it could not have been better timed! We had a cabin trip planned for Earth Day weekend, and we were wondering if we’d need to pack snow pants, cold weather boots, etc. Weather was very, very cooperative, and there wasn’t even any rain. Here are a few pics from our fun-filled weekend…


This cabin’s name is “Windigo,” which means “cannibal monster.” This and other cabins can be rented at Brighton Recreation Area in MI. This one sleeps eight and is rustic (no electricity), though it has propane-powered heat.


The fire pit behind Windigo.


The water pump for our cabin and our friend Dave’s cabin (pictured). I can’t recall what the name of his cabin was…oh yeah, Wegwaas. They all have Native American names…This particular pump had a really rough upstroke, so we filled our jugs from the spigot at the Bishop Lake campground!


Who’s ready for some cornhole?


A good number of my bags actually landed on the board…or went through the hole (yes, really)!


More cornhole at Dave’s cabin, aka “Wegwaas.” He had a much better cornhole setup, so I got into a groove…


My husband yelled at me for sitting on this railing! I assured him I was perfectly balanced…and had a good handhold on the binoculars!


The contents of these two cans will soon be making sweet food love (lol)! The chicken chili is fancier than I wanted, but the store I bought it didn’t have a huge selection of chili.


Dinner’s cooking!


Sporks are AWESOME! It’s not a fork…it’s not a spoon…but it’s the best of both worlds! We have reusable plastic “silverware” we use just for camping. The plate, however, is not reusable, though we also have reusable plates.

april2018 111.JPG

Spiked seltzer water drinks (and other beverages) we had Friday night. I insisted on making a sculpture out of the cans before we returned them at Kroger.  I called them the “Lionel Richie” drinks. Dave’s younger girlfriend didn’t get the pop culture reference, lol…


Me with my (sorry…I gotta say it) awesome light set up! It wasn’t easy taking this selfie. I used two strings of battery operated lights purchased at Walgreen’s, also pictured are a butane light above my head and a battery light. The string lights have a built-in timer and will stay lit for six hours, and off for 18, turning back on again after 18 hours.


Yeah…I overdid! 🙂

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