Taking A Brief Blog Break…See Y’all Again on Monday!

A note to my loyal blog stalkers…I mean followers! I have a trivia tournament on Sunday, so besides this little blog, I won’t be posting anything new until Monday when I’ll have a recap of the Sporcle Live League Championship in Michigan.

In the meantime, I’ll be busy taking online quizzes, shoving Canadian knowledge into my brain (ugh…long story), perusing things on the Internet that may…or may not –  be helpful to know for the “big game,” and binge-watching “Animaniacs.” Knock it if you will, but that series was trivia GOLD! Where else can you learn about the countries of the world, explorers, historical figures, U.S. capitals and in addition to it all be almost completely immersed in early 1990s pop culture? If anyone has a better idea, I’d love to hear it! Also, the last time we binge-watched this show before a tournament, we won prize money! Sure, the two things may not really be related, by why leave that to chance?


Yakko, Dot and Wakko on “The Animaniacs.” Textbook examples of chaotic neutral characters…

Good luck to all of the teams who will be vying for total domination on Sunday! I don’t expect our team to make too much noise, but I’m sure we’ll all feel pretty awesome to just be there as part of the “best of the best.” A couple of us will be wearing superhero T-shirts to the tournament instead of the usual purple/green team colors and other normal “team” apparel. Mike has a really cool new Deadpool T-shirt which he will wear with his Deadpool socks. Me, it will either be Thor or Wonder Woman, though I’m leaning toward Wonder Woman. Can I get a “Go Pods?” 🙂

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