Either/Or Trivia Quiz – Volume III


Party on, dudes!


  1. State Borders – Which U.S. state borders Maine? Vermont – or New Hampshire?
  2. Actors – Which actor is older? Liam Hemsworth – or Chris Hemsworth?
  3. Animated Movies – Which animated movie was released first? The Incredibles – or Shrek 2?
  4. Beatles – Which living Beatle is older? Ringo Starr – or Paul McCartney?
  5. Presidents – Which U.S. president is younger? Bill Clinton? Or George W. Bush?
  6. European Countries – Which country is farthest west? San Marino – or Vatican City?
  7. Caribbean Nations – The Caribbean capital Port of Spain is located on Trinidad – or Tobago?
  8. Candy – Which candy contains a greater percentage of yellow pieces? Reese’s Pieces – or M&Ms?
  9. Vice Presidents – Which vice president of Abraham Lincoln came first? Andrew Johnson – or Hannibal Hamlin?
  10. Acting Roles – Which actor played “Ted” in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure? Alex Winter – or Keanu Reeves?

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