A Special Easter “Treat” For You All!



Me (center rear) in Florida, Easter 1981 with my cousins (right) and my brother, left. Caption contest? 🙂 This is actually how I kind of feel on some of my trivia nights when my teammates get a little rambunctious! We were at my “wild child” Aunt Anita’s house for a spring break visit.

Y’all are in for a special Easter treat! I’ll be traveling and taking a “blog break” over Easter weekend, so I won’t be posting any new blogs during that time, except maybe some random photos from my travels. What? That’s not a treat for ya (don’t answer that)? How about this? On each day – Friday, March 30; Saturday, March 31 and Sunday, April 1 at 10 p.m. Eastern time – I have scheduled some gnarly “50/50” trivia quizzes to post! Might want to fetch your favorite coin, doubloon, or car wash token since you’ll have a 50 percent chance of being correct on all of these questions if you don’t want to trust your brain! I don’t know about you, but sometimes I trust probability more than my brain!


Harvey “Two Face” Dent, Batman villain – and probability fan…

You might also want to read this wiki article about the Bunker “Siamese” twins just as a “hint” about what one of these questions will be! Believe me, you won’t be sorry – and who doesn’t like reading about sideshow folk? I know I do! They are also featured as characters in the 2017 Hugh Jackman film The Greatest Showman. I first learned about the Bunker twins when I was just barely beginning to read, when one of my favorite books to read was the 1976 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records. Devouring this book probably helped plant the seeds for a love of trivia later on (and imbue me with an unhealthy fascination with the freakish/macabre, lol).  Aside from the Bunker twins, these quizzes will be a grab bag as far as topics go, and include geography, celebrities, sports, animals, and much, much more! Happy Easter in advance to you all! The best Easter treat I could possibly get was five consecutive days off work in a row! Although Cadbury mini eggs (NOT the cream eggs…gross)… would have been nice, too!


This is my favorite Easter candy. Like M&Ms only pastel – and bigger! M&Ms made by unicorns!

And you know, I just might ask about candy in one of these quizzes, too. Mmm…chocolate!

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