BWA HA HA! I didn’t forget your name, Ed Sheeran! Wait, Yes I Did…

We had a question about the top selling albums of 2017 according to Nielsen Music in our trivia game Saturday night. We had to name the artists behind two of the four top selling albums (which includes digital downloads). Funny thing is, I actually made an attempt not too long ago to at least take a look at some of the top songs/artists and…even (the horror) the recent Grammy winners. That task was for me, akin to drinking poison, since I have ZERO interest in modern music and even less in Grammy Awards. But I thought I’d be a trouper for my trivia team, and even wrote down all of the winners from the 2018 Grammy Awards ceremony. Yes, writing things down is old school, but it helps my brain remember things! Sometimes…


Yup, this is pretty much me when I’m pretending to care about modern music, Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards, etc…

I even managed to listen to some of the top Billboard hits of 2017. Yeah, I’ll be honest. I hated almost every single one. Not sure if I played any of them all the way through or not. Read about this misadventure in this blog here

So Evan and I are battling this question, and I couldn’t remember Ed Sheeran’s name at first. I jotted down “That whiny guy” on my brainstorming paper, and “The Smell of You” and showed it to him. Eventually I remembered his song title was “The Shape Of You” (though he does talk about how a girl leaves her scent on his bed sheets or something in the song which is probably about when I shut it off). Is it possible to roll your eyes so far back they get stuck that way? Uh, not sure I want to find out! 🙂 I brain farted on his name, but my “trivia partner”  Evan (who is 16 years younger than I am) thankfully knew who I was talking about. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… pub trivia is a “team” game! Except, of course, when you’re playing by yourself, but duh…

We discussed a couple of other options, and I kind of lobbied for Bruno Mars, since his stuff was such Grammy fodder at the recent Grammy awards. God, now I can’t get the image of “Uptown Funk” out of my head (so many hats…so many hats…)


Make it STOP! Make it stop!  I’ll do whatever you say…just stop staring at me and looking SO chipper!

So we wound up putting down Bruno Mars, who was (pardon me while I start sobbing uncontrollably) only NUMBER FIVE on the list. It would be almost better if Bruno Mars was number 23 or something on the list but the fact that he was SO close to our correct answer? Grrr!

Oh well. Can’t win ’em all! Moods were still good on this trivia night, Evan got to stay after the game and watch basketball, and use the $10 gift card we’d won in game one and I got to go to the next watering hole and join my husband. Until the next trivia adventure! One of these days…one of these days…Bruno Mars WILL be a correct answer!

I’ll have a full recap of this game posted soon…

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