Trivia Recap – Feb. 28, 2018 – McShane’s Pub

Better late than never? 🙂 We played a My Trivia Live game Tuesday at McShane’s Pub Ypsilanti with the vain yet worthwhile purpose of attempting to win a first-place prize, which would put us in contention for the two-venue jackpot offered to teams that play here and at Powell’s Pub. If you win three back-to-back first place prizes at both of these bars, you win the jackpot. Well, this was not to be! Since we already have players who are committed to playing with us on Wednesdays, putting an adequate “team” together for this battle was a bit…difficult! Out of three players we asked, only one was able to join us at this game (which is understandable). Special thanks to John for answering the call of Cthulhu and joining Mike and I for this battle! We did not manage to win any gift cards, but had a chance to catch up a bit with trivia “jockey” Stacy, who put up with our weirdness for a few seasons at the Wurst Bar! Yes, our team can be quite the handful, we know, we know! Like our cephalopod mascots, we are inquisitive, like to fidget with different toys, and love nothing more than going out on “hunts.” We just hunt for gift card prizes, but octopuses like to hunt for crabs and other sea creatures smaller than them – though when an octopus manages to become prey, they will sometimes try taking the predator out with them, but I digress!
Octopus 1, crab zero…in some trivia battles, we feel more like those crabs than the octopus!
We watched an episode of “Blue Planet II” recently where an octopus was lurking around a coastal area in the Galapagos Islands on the hunt for some crabs, who were hopping around evading predators – trying to avoid the water at all costs. Their two main predators were the moray eel, and…the octopus. With a can-do attitude paired with its ever-reaching arms, the octopus intrepidly did manage to snag some of those colorful, cute little crabs! I’ll admit, even though I usually root for team octopus in most marine battles, I was kind of rooting for the crabs, who were the underdogs in this battle!
As for our trivia battle Tuesday, two different house teams with pigeon-inspired names ruled the roost. I’m not sure what the running joke is with the pigeon names, but it’s definitely a McShane’s thing! And the questions…
Round One
1. Sports – What is the only country where sumo wrestling is practiced professionally? 5
2. Advertising – In a commercial for Geico, what animal is shown playing Pictionary? 3
3. Sayings- Taken from the Bible, what hour means that you’ve waited until the last moment? 1
Round Two
1. Games – Similar to Scrabble, what board game allows player to stack letters on top of each other to create new words? 5
2. Animals – Which animal gets its name from the Greek words for “terrible lizard?” 3
3. Musicals – The musical “Tommy” is based on the music of what band? For an extra three-point bonus, what musical features a character named “Truly Scrumptious?” Did not attempt this bonus, but got this for 1.
Round Three
1. Music – What famed jazz trumpeter went by the nickname “Satchmo?” 5
2. TV – What 1970s TV series was originally titled “Justice for All” and featured a family by the last name of Justice? Another title for the series, before the final title was decided upon, was “Those Were the Days.” Funny, I just watched a Jack Nicholson movie last night featuring an actress from that series…she was kind of…promiscuous in that movie! There is a wild sex scene where Nicholson is banging her while carrying her around the room. Yes, it was a very exciting Thursday night in our house, lol! 🙂 Got this for 3.
Actress from the previous question is pictured here on the left in this scene from the 1970 film Five Easy Pieces, for which Nicholson (center) was nominated for the best actor Oscar. The sex scene happens a bit later in the film…it does not happen in the bowling alley!
3. Animals – A cob is the word for a male swan. What is the similar word for a female swan? Close but no cigar. And I know I’ve seen this as a Sporcle final question before, but unsure if it was a game that we played. Miss for 1. I’m going to bet the pigeon teams were all over this one, lol!
Halftime – Name the second-most populous cities in the following U.S. states – Washington, Oklahoma, Missouri, Pennsylvania.
Only managed to get two correct.
Scores: We were in last with 30 points tied with One is the Loneliest Number; Says Who and Pigeon Team #1 were tied with 32, and team Dead Pigeons had 33. I did not write down the first pigeon team name, and I don’t play in this spot regularly to know who they are!
Round Four
1. Artists – What artist painted “American Gothic?” Newsletter bonus, 6.
2. Directors -From what film did Steven Spielberg refuse to take a salary, saying it would be like taking “blood money?” 4
3. U.S. Cities – Broad Street, at 13-miles long, is also nicknamed the “Avenue of the Arts” and is located in what U.S. city? Miss for 2.
Round Five
1. Geography – Name one of the two landlocked countries in South America, 6.
2. SCIENCE! – In what century did Isaac Newton publish papers on the laws of gravity? A bit of discussion, but got this for 2.
3. Games – Within two, in what year was Trivial Pursuit originally launched? 4
Finished the regular rounds with a “respectable” 56 points.
scores: Six teams this time, with us in fourth with 56, Says Who and One is the Loneliest Number were both tied for first with 62 points, with two pigeon teams flocking around right behind them.
Final Category – Celebrities
In August, 2015; what professional wrestler had granted 500 wishes to the Make a Wish Foundation? We did discuss the right guy that John suggested…but wrote another guy on our slip. Photo tie-in is a wrestler I would want to meet if I had to pick a last dying wish! Though since he is a dead, I would either have to accept him in ghost form…or use a time machine.
Andre the Giant in The Princess Bride. He is the only professional “rassler” I know a FEW things about! Epic drinker, made Hulk Hogan his bitch when they traveled together (Hogan had to go on beer runs for him), and said it took a quart of vodka to make him feel “warm inside” when talking to an anesthesiologist about his alcohol tolerance.
I did not write down the final scores, but I know two of the prize winners were pigeon teams, and did not recognize the name of the third team.
Until next time, which will be Saturday (weather permitting). As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Hulk Hogan!

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