Once Bitten, Twice Shy…When Trivia Questions Go Wrong


A couple of years ago, we had a trivia question about an Olympic figure skater which we missed. Us missing trivia questions is hardly newsworthy in and of itself, but believe me,  I have a point – and I will make it! As for missing that question, I blame a couple of guys on my team who both have…you could say fetishes for Asian women. And when Asian women are wearing the super girly figure skating outfits? All bets are off! People like to joke that men tend to think with their (insert plural word for a certain body part here), and in this case, my two trivia teammates were definitely doing that! Long story short, we put down Michelle Kwan as our answer when we should’ve put Tara Lipinski. And for reasons I cannot explain, Tara Lipinski wound up taking up residence in my brain.


Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon, which was yesterday (Sunday, Feb. 25). I’m hearing about a similar Olympics question that was asked, where teams had to name the year Tara Lipinski won the gold for the U.S. – and (I think)  also which Olympic year/host city this was. I remembered Lipinski because of this miss a couple of years ago…but only knew the Olympic year/host city because I’ve been studying that recently. And of course I was not at this game, it just was not in the cards to summon a team for this game, which had a $200 cash prize. Honestly, I wish I could’ve been there! Being able to get an Olympics question right after f—ing up the same one a couple of years ago? Sweet revenge on the trivia gods!

Sometimes, unfortunately, pain is how we learn. The Kennedy kids learned about pain when their mama Rose held their hands over lit burners on the stove. Guess which kids didn’t f— around with the gas stove after THAT lesson? As The Who would sing, “Won’t Get Fooled Again!”  I think we learn more by getting questions wrong than we do by getting them right. And only by f—ing up in the most epic fashion can we steel ourselves to NOT f— up again! Now here’s your script: (standing erect, shaking fist at the skies) “As (deity of choice) is my witness,  trivia questions about (blank) are not going to lick me. I’m going to live through this and when it’s all over, I’ll never miss a question about this again. No, nor any of my folk. If I have to lie, steal, cheat or kill. Though not cheat in trivia of course…As (deity of choice) is my witness, I’ll never miss a trivia question about (blank) again!”


Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind. Which I have never seen…

Those two male trivia teammates of mine still like the Asian figure skaters – well, female figure skaters in general. Go figure, they’re heterosexual males. In the most recent Olympics in PeongChang, there was a Russian skater who wore a “Sailor Moon” skating outfit. Trivia fact – did you know Russia is, geographically part of both Asia and Europe? Of course you did! 🙂 Another trivia fact is that *most* heterosexual males dig the “schoolgirl” look.


Let’s see if I can get the guys on my team to remember her name! I’m certainly going to make an effort! Silver medalist Eugenia Medvedeva at the 2018 Olympics in PeongChang, South Korea.



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