You Can Please Some People Sometimes…But You Can’t Please All The People All The Time (especially your trivia teammates)

As I just typed that title, all I could think of was Bob Marley singing similar words in his song “Get Up, Stand Up,” with the words “fool” substituted for the words “please.”


Bob Marley, who died way too young…


In short order, some of my teammates are starting to eye other trivia spots in a “the grass is greener over there” sort of way. It’s not as simple as just putting it to a vote, either. Winning (or at the very least holding our own in) a trivia war involves lots of nuances, including, but not limited to:

  1. Picking a day you’re most likely to have a decent number of players show up to play (in our team’s case, that day is Wednesday).
  2. Picking a “winnable” spot. Since we play in two different leagues, that poses some “special” challenges. More competitive spots (such as the Corner Brewery, Wurst Bar) are winnable only if we have 4-6 players playing every week. Some spots just aren’t…winnable for my team at all, whether that be because I can’t summon a decent number of players on the night that bar offers trivia, or because of teams playing regularly in those bars that my team has slim to no chance of beating out for a trivia spot (Johnny’s Grill, Maiz Mexican Cantina, YpsiAlehouse are some examples). I’ve been playing bar trivia for a few years now, and I have a pretty good idea which teams we’re NOT going to be able to beat unless we get really, really lucky with a question set! Though it is always kind of fun to challenge ourselves by going toe-to-toe against really good teams! Less competitive trivia spots can be conquered with just 1-3 players during the regular season, and bringing more players to a few games, and a “deciding” game if needed (such as Powell’s Pub, Oscar’s, and Original Gravity). A new trivia spot in my ‘hood is opening up soon –  which will be serving up trivia on Tuesdays beginning March 6. It “may” be worth checking out to scout out its “winnability.” Having another trivia spot this close to home is definitely a plus! Maybe some of the Corner Brewery teams will move here.

I guess it would be a LOT simpler if my team was SO awesome that we could pretty much just set up shop at ANY bar and expect to win a tournament spot at the end! I’d say my team is “above average,” but we are certainly not “elite.” Despite our trivial weaknesses, I would not trade in anyone on my team! I have known most of these players for 10 years or more, and for the most part, they have been very loyal and dedicated. Do they keep me on my toes? Annoy me beyond belief? Make me want to strangle them sometimes? Yes, yes, and yes! But I really love them all…and they make me smile and laugh like you wouldn’t believe!  Most importantly? They put up with me – and I put up with them!

All of that said, I can’t see making any “major” trivia changes next season. The Powell’s games on Monday will likely continue, as will our Wednesday games at the Corner Brewery. Because of my early morning work schedule, I really can’t do more than one 8 p.m. game a week on weeknights. Saturday games at Oscar’s may be put on hold or cut back until the fall season, though, because of warmer spring/summer weather and the potential to take weekend camping/cabin trips, etc. Thursday games at Original Gravity are a possibility, but playing there every week might not be do-able. I really enjoy the drives down there, and after daylight savings time kicks in, pre-game walks around that small town are always a nice way to work in some exercise. It always feels like coming back home when I come to this town, since I grew up in “kind of” a similar small town. And I like the laid-back atmosphere of the bar.

I know this decision won’t make everyone happy, but I don’t see it making anyone really unhappy, either! As I’ve said before, our team is NOT a democracy, but more like a (slightly) benevolent dictatorship with several little warring factions. John doesn’t like the food choices at Corner Brewery (he really is kind of a picky eater). Dave doesn’t like the MTL games as well as the Sporcle games. John and Mike both prefer MTL games over Sporcle (which is why we will still play Mondays at Powell’s). Brad and I like both leagues pretty much equally.  Mike doesn’t like the overly strict host at the Wurst Bar. All of this said, the decision is quite simple.  I had players who stopped coming out for trivia when we started playing at Wurst, but nobody STOPPED coming out when we moved back to Corner. We actually had players trickle back into the picture there! It’s a no-brainer. We are at Corner to STAY for the foreseeable future!





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