Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!


I’ll have to make this short, I’m heading for a happy hour in a bit! One of the best episodes of “The Simpsons” I’ve ever seen is called “I Love Lisa,” which was in Season 4. It focused on Lisa Simpson and Ralph Wiggum, with Lisa giving Ralph a valentine’s card out of pity when no one else gave him any. He misconstrues the gesture, and attempts to pursue her romantically. And he also lavishes her with gifts…


I never had a car for my Barbies!

Anyway, it’s a really good episode. Ralph eventually accepts Lisa as a friend, and accepts that she does not want to get involved with him romantically.  It holds special significance to me, because it aired on my 21st birthday in 1993, when I had just begun dating the guy whom I would end up marrying. We had been on the phone beforehand, and both took a break so we could watch this episode…and then, of course, talk about it afterwards! God…those long distance bills! 🙂

On that note, I think it’s pretty sweet that I have people bothering to read my blogs! Please know that I love you all! Sorry I can’t make this blog a bit longer, but I have to squeeze in a little “date” time before we head out for our trivia night tonight!

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