Trivia Recap Sept. 13, 2013 – Captain Joe’s (Whitmore Lake)


Editor’s Note: I decided to go through my “drafts” and discovered some unpublished stuff…So here’s another “new old” recap! More might be on the way, stay tuned!

Three of us ventured slightly northward Thursday for Sporcle live trivia at Captain Joe’s in Whitmore Lake. Obviously we were lacking the navigational skills of your average pirate, as a wrong turn got us mildly lost on our way there. The double first-place prizes made the effort getting there worthwhile. It’s still a fairly new venue, so there were only five teams in game one, three in game two, netting only 93 league points (we tend to get lazy when we’re not playing in a competitive environment, plus we were slightly understaffed). This place is definitely worth a visit, the prizes ($20 gift card for first, $10 for second) are generous, the food menu is expansive and reasonable and for you beer nerds, they serve a good selection of Michigan beer. An Arbor Brewing Co. tap takeover was going on this same night. Dishing up the trivia was Phil from the league team Polish Mafia.
Game One
1. Video Games: What super popular computer game released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004 became the first video game to gross $1 billion? D’erp. Nobody playing this game was in attendance, so we got it wrong. Sam would thump us on our heads for not getting it right!
2. College Basketball: Jerry Stackhouse and Rasheed Wallace were teammates at which ACC university?
Our sports guy Brad was close but no cigar, picking one of two schools that are practically next to each other. MISS…
3. Audio: Theme song from the O.C.
4. Fast Food: What McDonald’s sandwich was created in 1981 partly because a shortage of chicken prevented franchises from being able to sell McNuggets?
Our two Gen-Xers remembered when these came out.
5. Singers: Which one of these singers is dead as of September 1, 2013: Chuck Berry, Tammy Wynette, Joe Cocker, or Gregg Allman?
Wisely used our re-rack here and nailed it down to two.
6. Populations: After Los Angeles, what is the second largest US city west of the Mississippi River in terms of population? Originally thought of the correct answer, but went with Phoenix
7. Actors: What actor starred as Carlton Banks in the TV sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?
8. Classic Novels: During what war was Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22 set?
9. Chemicals: What element is most commonly added to rubber to vulcanize it? We went with carbon, which was incorrect.
10. Award Winning Films: What is the only film directed by a woman to win the Academy Award for Best Picture? Yea Heather for remembering this woman, even though she never saw the film.

Mystery Round: Presidents by Vice President (20th Century)
1. Hubert H. Humphrey
2. Charles Fairbanks
3. Alvin Barkley
4. Walter Mondale
We were 2/4 here. Pretty easy to figure out which ones we missed. Need to study up on those Ed McMahons of the White House…

Heading into the final:
3. Say No to Shinto 39
2. Think Positive, Test Negative 44
1. Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods 44
Final Category: Summer Olympics
Final Question: Only one time in history has the host country of a Summer Olympics failed to win a gold medal. Identify the country.

We wagered zero on this one and held onto our lead, top two teams remained the same.

Game Two
1. Comics: Who is the creator of the Garfield comic strip?
2. Beverages: What powdered drink first marketed in 1959 became popular after John Glenn used it during his Mercury space flight in 1962?
3. Hit Songs: What artist is currently on the Billboard charts with his 12th top 10 single titled “Berzerk?”
Why couldn’t this song be from the ’80s or early ’90s? Bollocks…
QUICKFIRE: Name the ten NFL franchises that have played in the Super Bowl but have never won one.
We only managed 5/10 here.
4. Authors: What author published her 1969 memoir “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings?”
5. Medicine: What blood type is known as the universal recipient? Thanks to Brad, ours was the only team getting this right. Sure it was only out of three teams, but we’ll take it!
6. Europe: What country in the European Union is the largest by population?
7. Superheroes: Within 5 years, in what year did Batman first appear in a comic book? Nailed it dead-on…
8. TV Love Interests: Jan Levinson, Holly Flax, and Helen Beesley were all girlfriends of which character?
9. Universities: Facebook was famously founded by Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard. Google was founded by PhD students at which university?
10. Child Stars: Which former child star was appointed US ambassador to Czechoslovakia in 1989? We knew that the person was also an ambassador to another nation and didn’t know that they were also an ambassador to Czechoslovakia. WRONG…

Visual Mystery Round
SEE PHOTO: We were 0/4 though we got all of the bands correct. We just didn’t put them in the right order. We could’ve used some help from our “girl” Alex H, who is actually a man, though he recently had a mani-pedi while on a trip to Colorado, so his “girl” status stands. He also loves rom-coms and “bromance” films. Yup…that’s our Alex!

Standings heading into the final:
3. Here To win
2. Thinking Positive Testing negative
1. Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods (49, didn’t write down the other team’s scores).
Final Category: Animated Films
Final Question: Within the last ten years, there have been three Disney/Pixar films that have been rated PG. Name two of them.

We knew all three of them. Thanks Heather for adding Pixar movies to her knowledge “bag” a couple of tournaments back! Go Pods!

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