Trivia Recap – May 23, 2016 – YpsiAlehouse

Editor’s Note: I was recently going through old trivia recaps to view the final questions and noticed that this recap was missing! It has been dredged from the trivia team’s Facebook page (Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods, if any of you want to check us out). Here goes with a “new old recap!” 


I assembled a record number of ‘Pods for the season to join me at the YpsiAlehouse​ for Sporcle and Shine with Emily​ Sunday. Four ‘Pods in game one, a fifth in game two. Results? Scored 139 points, with one second-place finish. Got gun-shy on a “TV settings” final in game two (which we ended up knowing the answer, IKR?). Wagered low on that and got it. Thanks to Dave and John for coming out for some “Poderaderie” in addition to my normal trivia “pardner” Mike. Nice work, y’all! It was fun “getting the band back together.” And the questions…
Game One
1. Stage Names – What winner of an Academy Award, Grammy Award, and Golden Globe award was born Eric Marlon Bishop in 1967? A lot of thought, but miss for 1.
2. Racing – In NASCAR and Indy racing, what is the white flag most commonly used to symbolize? Ten points.
3. Outdoors – The northernmost point on the Appalachian Trail is located in what U.S. state? For extra “nerd” point, what was the name of the 2015 Robert Redford film that was largely set on the Appalachian Trail? Got this for nine, but missed the “nerd” bonus. We guessed, “Dude, Where’s My Trail” for a pity point from Emily, lol…
4. Car Models – What auto company produced the Cutlass Supreme and Delta ’88? Nine points. Mom had a 1971 Delta ’88. You could probably fit about three adult corpses in that trunk…had to use “starting fluid” in that thing more often than was healthy. Never forget how that stuff smelled…wonder if my lungs will ever forgive me? 🙂
5. Shakespeare – The 1948 Broadway musical “Kiss Me Kate” was based on which Shakespeare comedy that in 1999 the film “Ten Things I Hate About You” was also based? God Heath Ledger was so cute in this…and I know a Sporcle writer out there might have a huge crush and or serious interest in Julia Stiles. Which I totes respect. But in my trivia re-cap? Heath gets the photo! Got this for 8.
6. Audio – TV personalities – Miss for 4. Sorry, no other details…
7. Measurements – To the nearest half centimeter, how many centimeters are in one inch? Multiple choices, did not write them down, got it for 6.
8. Animals – What mammal is the official state animal of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming and appears on the state quarter for Kansas? Ask Mike to tell you his story about this animal sometime. He says there is no animal that is more smelly. Or delicious…got this for 5.
9. Theater – What is the popular name of London’s theater district? I nailed this one for 3 (see, I know SOME girl stuff, dammit!).
10. Comedies – What is the four-word subtitle of the 1997 Austin Powers film? Five points.
Mystery – Add ’em Up – the sum total number required for each answer must add up to 119
1. Larger of two numbers mentioned in 2015 Rihanna song that features Kanye West and Paul McCartney
2. Number in title of first Phil Collins hit in the United States
3. Number mentioned in 1988 “Winger” single
4. Number of tears in the Question Mark and the Mysterians 1966 song
Got two of these. Unsure which two…
Standings: Fifteen teams, scores ranging from ??? to 66, with Diane’s Gs in the top spot. We were in third with 58.
Final Category – ’80s History
In what ’80s year did all of these events occur?
1. “Full House” aired its first episode
2. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 22 percent in a single day
3. The first “Megaman” video game franchise released
4. Congress issues its report on the “Iran Contra Affair.”
I knew two of these (first episode Full House, Dow Jones falls 22 percent) right off…go me – knowing a final question on my own? What madness is this? 🙂
Final standings: ‘Pods, 78; Diane’s Gs, 81.
Game Two
1. Sitcoms – What CBS sitcom featured Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs debuted in 2011? Ten points.
2. Elements (SCIENCE!) – Which two elements have two-letter abbreviations, that when combined, spell the word “liar?” Nine points.
3. Mayors – What TV talk show host served briefly as mayor of Cincinnati from 1977-1978? Ohioan Dave starts writing this down before the answer is completely read…eight points.
4. Debut Albums – The 1967 album “Are You Experienced” was released by what singer/guitarist? Really? Seven points.
5. Commercials – In 2014, what web site began its advertising campaign with the mascot “Captain Obvious?” Three points.
6. Conferences – Which school in the Atlantic conference is located in a town called Chestnut Hill? Miss for 1.
7. Capitals – Charlotte Amalie is the capital of what U.S. territory? I got this for 2.
8. Trees – The macadamia tree is native to what continent? Six points.
9. Names – Name one of the two most popular girl baby names in 2015 that do not end with the letter “a?” Got one, but missed the nerd point. Four points.
10. Acting Resumes – What actor appeared in “The Hunt for Red October,” “Three Musketeers,” and “Kinsey?” Had the right guy thrown out there, but second guessed ourselves…miss for 5. OUCH! Pass the Bactine! This is painful! OWIE!!!!
Mystery: Got all of these. Thanks to mostly Brad and Mike (you guys rock, yo!)
Standings: Fourteen teams, scores 25 to 60, with Diane’s G’s in first, we were right behind them with 59.
Final Category: TV Settings Of the following series, which series was not set in the same place as the others? Everybody Loves Chris, How I Met Your Mother, Sports Night, The Jeffersons, and Sanford and Son. We wagered a conservative two points (TV is not normally our thang) and of course KNEW THIS. GRRRR! Gambled…and lost. The top two teams had to answer this tiebreaker – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Naomi Campbell share a May 22. birthday. How many years divide them? Mafia won the tiebreaker, finished in first, Redrums in second.
Final Standings: Redrums, 72; Mafia, 72. Our next “Sporcle” outing will be The Heidelberg on Tuesday. As always, stay classy, Ypsilanti, and Go Pods! And for “homework,” look up who composed the theme song for “Sanford and Son.” It’s a famous music producer…happy hunting! If it comes up as a trivia question sometime, you can thank us! We’re all about sharing the “trivia love.” Go Pods!

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