My Trivia Live Final Questions – February-May, 2016

U.S. History – What two founding fathers died on July 4, 1826?

One of the most famous photographic portraits ever made was photographed by Yousuf Karsh and ended up on the cover of Life Magazine in 1952, after World War 2 ended and is considered the most reproduced image ever made. Whose image was it? 


What invention by the Zenith Corporation was originally called “Lazy Bones” and was made wireless in 1955?


In what state would you find the city of Kanab, which is also called “Little Hollywood” and provided filming locations for Lone Ranger, Grizzly Adams, Planet of the Apes and Point Break?


Because of his loyalty to the Confederacy, who was the only U.S. president to be covered with a Confederate flag when buried, making him the only president to be buried with a foreign flag?


Who hosted the Fox Networks first late night talk show starting in 1986?


The American Film Institute’s list of the 100 greatest movies of all time last updated in 2007 includes what movie at #4 on that list, which is the top ranked sports-themed movie of all time?


With a mere 4.97 people occupying each square mile, what landlocked country of 603,909 square miles and 3 million people is the most sparsely populated nation of the world that is not a territory?


What watch company was the first to sell a waterproof watch called “Oyster” in 1926?


Within 1, how many U.S. states are located entirely in the Eastern time zone?


The majority of the world’s supply of what frequently used kitchen spice comes from Madagascar and is second only to saffron in terms of costliness. What is it?


Which company founded by Brig Sorber and Jon Sorber in Lansing in 1985 now has franchises in 32 states, the U.K., as well as Canada and Ireland and has been featured in films?


When Ronda Rousey hosted SNL, she was only the 3rd female athlete to host the show. Who was the first female athlete to host SNL, doing so on November 11, 1989?


What writer of psychological thrillers, non-fiction, romance and children’s books was the first person, according to Guinness, to sell one million e-books?


What cable network TV show topped every top 10 spot in 2015 as the most-watched TV show?

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