Sporcle Live Final Questions – July, 2016

he Lambeth Method, the Australian Method, and the Wilton Method are three of the main styles of what kitchen skill?


The 1988 film Working Girl starring Melanie Griffith was later turned in a short-lived 1990 TV show.
What future Best Actress Oscar winner played Melanie Griffith’s role in the TV adaptation?


As of June 2016, DreamWorks Animation has released 32 feature films, six of which have one-word titles. Name three of them.


Since 1990, five different Chevrolet models have won the Motor Trend Truck of the Year. Name four of those five models.


Six different Cincinnati Reds players have won the National League MVP Award in the last fifty years. Name three of those players.


Which month’s modern birthstone is the only one that is NOT a mineral?
I started listing birthstones/months that I knew, and we started crossing some off since we knew which birthstone the answer was (just wasn’t 100 percent sure on the month).


Other than Christmas and Independence Day, which other two of the ten annual Federal holidays always occur on the same fixed date each year?


What country produces the most cheese annually, more than the next three countries combined?


Match the notable American who was assassinated with the state in which they died.
People: Robert F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Chicago mayor Anton Cermak, James A. Garfield States: Florida, New York, California, New Jersey


Of the ten longest rivers that flow at least partially in the U.S., five DO NOT share their name with a U.S. state. Name three of those five rivers.


Of the Dr. Seuss books that have been adapted into movies within the last 20 years, which three have grossed the most at the worldwide box office?


Since 1980, there have only been two Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom who were from the Labour Party, and they served consecutively.
Name both of those Labour Prime Ministers.


Final Question: What band or artist holds the record for the longest time between their first Billboard Hot 100 entry and when they reached #1 for the first time? The span of time was nearly 30 years beginning in the late 1960s.


Who is the most recent US president since FDR in 1944 to have been reelected with fewer electoral votes and a lower popular vote total than he received during his previous presidential run?


What are the names of 4 of the 5 Major League Baseball stadiums currently named after banks?


Within the last 40 years, what singer released the first album by a woman to debut at number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart, and is still the only artist ever to chart seven consecutive #1 Billboard Hot 100 hits?


In 2005, Entertainment Weekly named the entire cast of a popular television series as their “Entertainer of the Year”, and in 2006, they gave that honor to the entire cast of another popular series.


Kevin Durant will play with current NBA MVP Steph Curry on the Golden State Warriors in the upcoming season.
The last time two NBA MVPs played on the same team was from 2012 to 2015, when what two former NBA MVPs played on the same team?


As of 7/14/16, only three bands or artists have topped the Billboard 200 Albums chart for more than one week in 2016. Name one of those three bands or artists.


Other than “password”, name one of the three most common passwords used for cloud-based services that do NOT contain numbers, according to Sky High Networks.
Hint given to us: One of the words is commonly used in Disney, another is a common sports term, and the other is a common computer term.


Savage Sam is the title character of a 1962 children’s book by Fred Gipson that was a sequel to what 1956 book about Sam’s father? Each book was adapted into a movie the following year.


Joseph Graham Davis, Jr. and Edmund Gerald Brown, Jr. both have served as the governor of the same US state. Name the person who served as governor between them.


The name of which elementary particle was partially inspired by a line in James Joyce’s novel Finnegan’s Wake?


Two Academy Award winning performers appeared in the 1977 Roots miniseries and two others appeared in the 2016 version. Name any of them.


What U.S. political figure was ranked by Forbes as #1 on the list of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women in back-to-back years during the decade of the 2000s?


Native American actor Will Sampson is best known for appearing in what Best Picture-winning movie, which was based on a celebrated 1962 novel in which his character was the narrator?







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