Trivia Recap – Jan. 31, 2018 – Johnny’s Grill

Is there any time when a headache is funny? Maybe if a stand-up comic talks about a woman using a headache as an excuse to not have sex. Wait, that’s not funny, either! So let it be officially written…a headache is NEVER funny! They’re especially not funny when you start getting one while you’re trying to think about what retailer has a music label called “Hear,” which state shares just a little bitty border with a tiny section of Kentucky and which Marvel superhero adopted the moniker “Nomad.” A fine night to not have a couple of my nerdy teammates in tow! 🙂
As if by some kind of dark magicks, I started getting a headache shortly after the Sporcle Live game hosted by Sporcle Live with DJ Todd started Tuesday at Johnny’s Grill. Perhaps it was a witch or warlock casting a spell on me to throw my game, but that’s just silly, right? True story, I did have a player on a rival team at Corner last week jokingly offer to bribe us to throw our game! In the case of this headache, though, I am blaming the Miller Lite. I had just two bottles, since I had to drive, so I wanted to stick with something relatively “non-alcoholic,” lol…Good thing is, the headache did start going away on its own after the game, but only after I switched to a different beer. Pro tip? If you’re ever fighting a post-cold cough, try an Irish stout! The creaminess coated the throat nicely (please… no dirty jokes) and virtually killed my cough! Who says beer can’t be medicinal? As for the game (my first solo outing since November), I finished in dead last with 65 points, virtually flunked both mystery rounds and flunked both final questions. Other than all of that, the game was great! 🙂 I always like getting questions about kids’ books that I actually read when I was a kid. More about that kids’ book series and the questions I flubbed, read on…
Game One
1. Public Health – John Maynard Woodworth was appointed as the first person to hold what post in 1871? For an extra bonus point, who holds that position now? No teams got the bonus, got this for 10.
2. Cars – The Audi A8 in 1994 was the first mass-produced car to have bodywork made with   which metal? The correct metal was on my short list, but I opted to put a really, really super expensive, lightweight metal instead (I’m blaming the headache for that one). And this was one of a couple of questions we had in this game about metals! Miss for 2.
3. Literary Nicknames – In a series of books by Beverly Cleary, what title character had an older sister named “Beezus?” For an extra bonus point, what was Beezus’ real name? This was not asked in the game, I just want to see if anyone knows this…got this for 9.
4. Baseball (groan) – Which American League East MLB team plays its home games in a state capital? I listed every other team in the east division except…this one (such a tragedy). Miss for 1.
5 Advertising – In 1971, what Frito-Lay snack food used a mouse mascot proclaiming “Hail, Cheesar!” in its advertising? 8
6. TV Plots – A dead nude woman covered in tattoos is the premise of what NBC series that debuted in 2015? Huh? Never heard of this show, miss.
7. Mountain Ranges – The highest peaks in Pennsylvania and West Virginia are located in what range of the Appalachians? 7
8. Bread – What German sweet bread with a sourdough base is made with rye meal to give it its dark color? This is the kind of bread they give you at Metzger’s, which is “the” local joint to get German grub if that’s your thing. Not my favorite, but my dad loves the wurst, braten, sausagebraten, schnitzelbraten, German potato salad…did I just walk into another dirty joke here? Metzger’s is also a great place to get a hefeweizen and to look at lots, and lots of different cuckoo clocks, lol…got this for 6.
9. Debut Albums – What American rock band released its first full length album in 1993 called “Undertow?” Miss for 4.
10. Technology – What wireless technology used for sharing information over short distances is named for a Scandinavian king known for his communication skills? 5
Mystery – Super Bowl (sheesh…isn’t it bad enough I had a headache? A sportsball mystery round when I’m playing by myself? This HAS to be a curse! 🙂 )
Quickfire, name four AFC teams to have lost the Super Bowl most recently.
Good news is I named two AFC teams. One of them was correct. Clearly I need to try learning the different sportsball divisions!
Standings heading into the final: Eight teams, scores 18 to 65, with More Beer Less Pants in first. I was in sixth with 50 points.
Final Category – The Constitution
I wagered just 10 points on this…my teammate Brad is a bit stronger in this category than I am…
The Twenty-Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution limits Presidents to two terms in office. Who was the only person specifically exempted from that limitation?
Close, but no cigar…
Final Standings: Slick Rock Rumble, 83; MBLP, 84.
Game Two
1. Record Labels – Hear Music is a record label most closely associated with what retailer? When the answer was revealed, a team sitting down the bar from me was questioning the use of the word “retailer.” I went through the same thing with my trivia team about a month ago when we had a “retailers” question. Clearly it can be a confusing word! If a place sells stuff? It’s a retailer? Are we clear? I missed this for 2.
2. Islands – Bora Bora is a colony of what European country? Miss for 3.
3. Elements – What element, which is number 78 on the Periodic Table, is a dense, unreactive malleable transitional metal? We also had the hint that this metal also symbolizes 1 million albums being sold. Don’t think I would have gotten this without this last clue, I probably would have put same one that I did for the Audi question earlier! Got this for 10.
4. Games – What multiplayer party game has used the tagline, “The party game for horrible people?” Social, got this for 9.
5. Granola – What General Mills brand has granola bars that come in flavors including oats and honey and maple/brown sugar? FB clue, 8.
6. Star Trek (thank the trivia gods…) – According to Captain James Kirk’s opening dialogue in the original “Star Trek” series, how many years was the mission that the Enterprise crew was on? For an extra bonus point, in what year did the show debut? Got this for 7 plus the bonus.
7. Nintendo (and now to pay back the trivia gods for that little favor, lol…) – Audio clue of 1987 game. Miss for 1.
8. Business Men – American businessman Cornelius Vanderbilt was best known for what? Steel, oil, aviation or railroads? 4
9. Outdoor Sports – Jeu de mail, meaning “ball and mallet” in French, is better known by what name? 6
A still from Heathers, one of the best movies from the ’80s, imho…Did you know Heather Graham was offered a role in this but her mother forbade her from taking the part because of the dark subject matter? Also, the girl in the plaid jacket makes a joke about having a brain tumor for breakfast in the movie, and that actress playing her winds up dying in EXACTLY THAT WAY.
10. Superheroes – In 1974, what Marvel superhero became disillusioned by government corruption and adopted the alternative name “Nomad?” This guy was on my short list of guys that this could be, but unfortunately did not make it on the answer slip…I picked a more surly fellow…miss for 5. My more comic-savvy teammates would have helped me here. And speaking of questions that my teammates would have helped with…
Visual Mystery –
Missed all of these (but came close on #1).
Scores: Nine teams, scores 22 to 63, with MBLP in first. I was in sixth with 45 points.
Final Category – Business Men (again?)
I was going to wager zero, but crossed that off, wrote “What the hell?” and put down 20. Will this bravado pay off? I think y’all know the answer to that!
On Forbes’ 2017 list of the top 20 billionaires, four of the top five are from the United States. The only person in the top five who is not American is a co-founder of the fashion retailer Zara and hails from what country?
Ha, a fashion question in disguise…what will THIS do to the standings?
Final scores: Hawk, 51; And Then There Was Fun, 52. Zero betters took the game, too bad my zero bet would not have helped here!
Until next time, which will be the “team” game tonight at Arbor Brewing Company (Ypsilanti). As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Mike Tyson!

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