Glad to Know It’s Not Just Me…

I’m holding off on doing the recap of Saturday’s game until another team publishes their recap later today. I had too much difficulty hearing the questions, and don’t want to have to rewrite nearly every question from the ground up! I’ve kind of thought things were getting too loud lately on our trivia nights Saturdays at Oscar’s Grill in Saline, but I’m always hesitant to complain. I always think in the back of my mind, “Maybe it’s just me.” That’s how I was raised by my take-it-on-the-chin, stiff upper lip, don’t make waves mother. Put up, or shut up, essentially! But here are some facts…in last week’s game, we didn’t hear a vital question qualifier asking that we name one and only one U.S. president who sported a mustache throughout his entire term, so we named two correct ones and got zero points. I heard the word “consecutive” so we named two consecutive mustached presidents. Who are pictured below, in consecutive order:


US President William Howard Taft

This whole incident inspired me to do a blog about presidential hair, lol…

I figured that mistake was on me, pay better attention next time! Last night, a player who has not been to any games here all season showed up, and kind of helped bring some things home. It all started when I asked him if he’d heard the last correct answer given for final question #1. His response? “I can’t hear anything,” later adding, “She (the trivia host) needs to take better control of the sound system.”

I’m not going to pretend I know all of the technical issues involved with projecting trivia questions and music through an amplified speaker since I’ve never done it before, though I have served as amateur DJ at parties in my own home! It seems it requires a balance between making sure everyone can hear what’s being projected – and not deafening everyone in the room, right? Problem, solution? Sure, acoustics in a room can be wildly variable and bollocks things up. Hell, I play Wednesday nights in a large room with exposed ductwork, multiple windows and notoriously shitty acoustics – but the host manages to balance the sound just fine. And he gets players in and out within a two-hour window – even when there are more than 20 teams playing!

Another thing bringing all of the noisiness home was a woman sitting two seats down from me at the bar whom was attempting to have a conversation with me – and I couldn’t hear much of anything she said! A guy sitting next to me served as a go-between, but again, hardly ideal circumstances! I have had a cold for about the past week, so I figured lingering head congestion may have made it hard to hear things, too.

What to do now? I will be sure to mention this in my next recap, but will want to tread carefully. I certainly don’t want to piss off a popular trivia host – don’t piss where I drink, if you will… I just want the trivia nights there to be better for all of the teams. If players are going to be walking away from games grumpy, I want it to because they missed too many questions, not because their ears are ringing like people’s ears at a 1976 Who concert! And also not because they were misled into not saying Russia was the correct answer when it actually was! But that’s another subject entirely!

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