One final question….two pop culture references!

This final question was asked in a trivia game Tuesday night:

Inspiring a well-known metaphor, what type of bird played an important role in the plot of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”?

Me and my team did not play in this game, but my husband Mike knew the answer partially because of an Iron Maiden song. Which is not surprising, considering he looked like this in high school….

Yes, that is a perm…though his hair is naturally wavy.  Possible entrant for Bruce Dickinson look-alike contest?


MAYBE some similarities!

It’s not surprising that when I had this question in a trivia game when I was playing with just one other woman in May, 2016; we both failed it:

What heavy metal musician and pilot joined his band in 1982?

If only our former metalhead husbands had been there to help, lol!

Though I would not have known the answer to the Rime of the Ancient Mariner question, when I learned the answer, it reminded me of something…completely different!


Oh how I loved those Brit guys in drag on “Monty Python’s Flying Circus!” I used to watch episodes with my mom on PBS. Here is John Cleese in drag and Terry Jones.

Yes, there was a sketch in the series about this bird, which should not be surprising!

I always like to say to my team in trivia games, it doesn’t matter HOW you know an answer…as long as you know it!



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