Mike Birthday Questions Part Deux! Test Your Knowledge!


The wink! He is SUCH a flirt 🙂 Not naming him, that might give y’all a hint to one of these 😉

Mike birthday questions part deux!
Good news…it’s ALL before and after! Everyone loves those, don’t they?
Also good news! One half of the answer will have to do with author Douglas Adams and his characters, his objects, and his works! The other half could be ANY pop culture reference! Mike and I both teamed up on these…(be afraid…be very afraid of what happens when WE meld our minds!)
Test your knowledge! Go…
1. Words written in large, friendly letters on the cover of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and 2002 thriller starring Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart
2. First and last “earth” name of “Trillian” in “Hitchhiker’s Guide” series and name of TV crime drama running 1971 to 1977 starring Rock Hudson and Susan St. James (this one is my personal favorite)
3. Name of actor winning Academy Award for best supporting actor for “Hud” and “Being There” and author of “Hitchhiker’s Guide” book series
4. Pilot of “Bistro Math” ship and 1982 comedy film featuring Sean Penn and Forrest Whitaker, among others.
5. Name of 1986 Madonna hit song and ship powered by Infinite Improbability Drive
6. European nation whose capital is Pristina and race known for its bad poetry (and worse looks).
7. Name of 2011 hit by Adele and name of supercomputer who determined the Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything
8. Twenty-first president of the United States and bathrobe-wearing character in “Hitchhiker’s Guide” series
9. Name of 1977 Cat Stevens album and name of fourth book in “Hitchhiker’s Guide” series
10 Name of 1988 film starring Julia Roberts and Annabeth Gish and name of pilot of Heart of Gold
11. Name of actor playing Ralph in “Happy Days” and name of one of books in “Hitchhiker’s Guide” series
This quiz goes to eleven!

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