Happy Birthday, Mike! Some “birthday” trivia questions…

Here are some trivia questions dedicated to my husband Mike, whose birthday is today! These will either be about him, or about stuff he’s really, really into (please keep in mind he’s into some really, really strange, obscure stuff). Let’s see how you do on these!
1. Dogs – What is the name of Roscoe’s dog on “The Dukes of Hazzard?” Bonus, what breed of dog is this dog?
2. Fictional Worlds – Name at least three of the “Nine Worlds” of Asgard. Name as many others as you can for extra “nerd” points.
3. Animals – What small, insectivorous mammal, native to East and Southern Africa; has a name that means “earth wolf” in Afrikaans and Dutch?


Mike’s knowledge of this animal helped us get a few thousand points in a Buzztime game many, many years ago.

4. States – Multiple choice – Mike grew up in a military family and has lived in multiple U.S. states. Which one has he never lived in? North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, or Texas?
5. Quotes – In which futuristic sci-fi film does the title character say, “I am the law?”
6. Characters – Who steals the Silmaril from Morgoth’s crown in “The Silmarillion?” Bonus, name both the person who steals the Silmaril and person’s future spouse.
7. Undead – What type of undead does “The Crypt Keeper” in “Tales from the Crypt” most closely resemble? Multiple choice – mummy, lich, wraith or revenant?
8. Undead Part Deux – What type of undead does Eric Draven from “The Crow” most closely resemble? Multiple choice – Mummy, lich, wraith or revenant? 


He’s not a vampire, but he sure knew how to brood like one!

9. Numbers – What number appears on the Volkswagen in the “Herbie” movies?
10. Movie Quotes – Name two items found in the “Six Demon Bag” in “Big Trouble in Little China.” For an extra bonus point, which character utters the quote about the Six Demon Bag?
Mystery – Before and After
One part of each answer will be one of Mike’s favorite movie characters (note there may be some minor changes in spellings of name for continuity).
1. A 1961 Ray Charles hit and first and last name of main character in “Big Trouble in Little China.”
2. Welsh fashion designer and namesake for fashion/home accessories company known for its floral patterns and first/last name of main character in the “Evil Dead” movie series
3. MLB pitcher involved in “pine tar” scandal and gambler title character from a TV series and 1994 movie
4. Looney Tunes’ character catchphrase and notable Wild West gunfighter (and character from 1993 film)
5. Actor playing Darrin Stephens on “Bewitched” and military title character from a TV series and a 1996 film starring Steve Martin
Final Category – Literature (seriously, what did you expect? The World Series? Emmy Awards? Billboard hits?)
Name at least four of the nine specific things associated with the respective Circles of Hell according to Dante’s epic poem “The Divine Comedy.”

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