More big, big news on the trivia front!


As some of you know, I’m a former journalist, so keeping secrets ain’t exactly one of my talents (though I do protect my sources). I’m excited to announce (drum roll) – that the ‘Pods will be making a return to the trivia spot where it all began back in February, 2012. Ahem…next week, we will be playing a Sporcle Live game at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery. We have not played here regularly since October, 2015 when we were just barely edged out of winning the venue tournament (by a mere four points). So why are we playing here again? Transportation issues! Our player who usually rides his bike to trivia games cannot do so in the winter months, and he… chooses not to drive. It’s his decision and we respect it. He can, however, walk to trivia nights at Corner, so that is where we will play! We have already earned our MTL semifinal spot, so we are able to miss the last game of the season. Are we going to be attempting to qualify here next season? Not saying…even a former journalist has to keep SOME things secret! Go Pods!

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