Tips for winning an “ugly Christmas sweater” contest!


So you’ve been invited to an “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.” And you don’t have any better offers, your spouse/partner already RSVPd, and you didn’t manage to creatively decline? Well, you are all set! We have the ultimate “pro tips” to help you nail the hell out of that ugly Christmas sweater contest/party!

Step One: Select your ugly Christmas sweater

Good news is they be purchased virtually anywhere. Department stores, discount stores, online stores, thrift stores, you name it. Pick out the sweater that speaks to you and fits you. See someone else wearing an ugly holiday sweater that you want? Beat the shit out of them and take it (JK of course…) Got it? Good! Now make sure to wipe off all of those pesky bloodstains! Again, JK, JK..

Step Two: Accessories, accessories, accessories. Did I mention accessories?

Think beyond the sweater itself. Santa hats, reindeer antlers, elf hats/ears anything is fair game! Snag yourself some battery-operated holiday lights to wear as a necklace to really set your ensemble apart from the herd! Finish off that outfit with a pair of holiday-inspired leggings if you are female and have given up the ghost on wearing “real” pants ever again! Seriously, jeans and “regular” pants for women are kind of going extinct, but that’s another blog topic entirely!


Got a pair of holiday-inspired pajama pants? Wear those!



Step Three: Don’t neglect your lower extremities!

Holiday socks, elf shoes, ugly Christmas sweater shoes… now you’re cooking with gas! If you’ve gotta do it, overdo it!


Step Four: OWN it!

Sing holiday songs, pour an extra shot (or two, or three, and so on…) of bourbon (or other favorite liquor of choice) in that egg nog, kiss that special someone under the mistletoe…there are no limits! You are in it to WIN it! Be the poster child for bad taste!



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