Hiero’s Journey…aka “A Morse is a Morse, of Course, of Course…”


We had a question about Canadian Mounties in our trivia game last Wednesday asking for what did they have to stop being trained to care for in 1966? Well, quite a few teams put down “moose” as their answer. My husband Mike thought of this book by Sterling Lanier, which he suggested I read. I said, “Put it on my nightstand and maybe I’ll give it a look.” I actually read a few pages of it last night while I was visiting in-laws, and have already come up with this summary:

Sung to the tune of “Mr. Ed:”

“A morse is a morse of course of course. And with brain you talk to a morse of course….that is of course if the morse of course is a morse named Mr. Klootz…

Go right to the source and ask the morse…He’ll give you the answer when mind is forced…He’s always on unsteady course…Talk to Mr. Klootz…

People yakkity yak a streak and waste your time of day…
But Mister Klootz will never speak…telepathy is his way!

A morse is a morse, of course, of course…
And this one won’t talk ’til his voice is hoarse.
You never heard of a psychic morse?

Well listen to this….(silence except in your brain)

‘I am Mister Klootz!'”


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