Trivia Recap – December 5, 2017 – Canton Bistro

Afternoon delight? A 3 p.m. My Trivia Live show debuted Monday at Canton Bistro and Tavern, so a couple of us decided to check it out. This place was about as generic as you would expect a “strip mall” joint to be – especially one in Canton, MI. No real personality in terms of decor, not terribly exciting – no edge whatsoever. It’s almost as if this place was a former dentist office or something.  Writer Douglas Adams would probably describe the scene as “Mostly Harmless,” and then order a gin and tonic, lol…. The vodka sodas we ordered were certainly strong enough, we just couldn’t seem to convince our server (who said she was new) to pay attention to us after serving us the first rounds of drinks – she was just kind of “hanging out” at the counter doing lord-knows-what. We did not order food, so can’t comment on that. As for trivia, let’s  make one thing crystal clear….this is NOT intended to be a “‘Pods Joint!” We already have our weekly games at  The Wurst Bar, where we normally have four players (and occasionally a fifth), and we will, as in past seasons, attempt to qualify for a tournament spot when it’s all said and done. The Canton Bistro is intended to be just-for-fun side gig. The league number here is registered under Kim’s name, so we’re not even eyeing it as a “barhop” place! No more barhop for us…in either league, thank you! It’s one of the conditions of my recent stint in rehab at the trivia annex of the Betty Ford Clinic (nervously scratches at invisible bugs on arm). Ahem…We (Heb and Mike) finished in third place with 53 points heading into the final and a $15 prize, not really a great showing. A “talk shows” question utterly killed us, and a “movie franchises” question left us clueless.  If we were a TV series, we’d get canceled after five episodes! More about that later! All that said, how about getting on to the questions?
Round One
1. Spelling – How many letters “i” are in the southern state whose capital is Jackson? This question has been slightly rewritten since typing out the state’s name would give away the answer! Which you all know, right? Got this for 5.
2. Cartoons – What is the name of Betty Rubble’s child? 3
3. Presidents – Harry Truman took office after the death of what president? 1
Easy first round. The questions WILL get harder!
Round Two
1. Songs – What British band had a 2014 hit song called “Sky Full of Stars?” Considered right band, picked another, miss for 1.
2. Brands – What brand of odor eliminator was launched in 1996 by Proctor and Gamble? 5
3. Movie Franchises – What teen movie franchise had a release every year between 2008 and 2012, with four of those releases in November, one in June. For an extra three point bonus, what subtitle is shared by the last two movies in this franchise? Nope, we were both clueless here. Picked another annoying tweenie movie franchise.
Round Three
1. Poetry – Annabelle Lee was the last completed poem published before what author’s death? We failed a question about this poem in our finals Saturday, so had a good laugh this time around… got this for 5.
2. Album Covers – Peter Rowen was known for being the face of what band’s albums – “Boy” in 1980, and “War” in 1983?
3. NFL – How many Lions head coaches have had the last name “Clark?” Mike came up with correct guess here.
Halftime – ’80s Children’s Characters
Identify the children’s character from the ’80s based on the name of the nemesis given.
1. Murky Dismal
2. Peculiar Purple Pieman
3. Professor Coldheart
4. Skeletor
Got all of these.


Even Rainbow Brite hits the bottle during shitty trivia games. Yes, she’s a clue to one of the answers, but how could I NOT use this photo with this post? 🙂

Halftime scores Grayson’s Goombas, 21; Barside, 34; ‘Pods (in name only…), 33; and There Can Be Only One, 36.
Round Four
1. Cities – In the 1800s, what US city was known as Porkopolis, because it was the largest pork-producing city in the world? Newsletter bonus.
2. TV – Mike Rolfe and Frank Fritz star on what History Channel series featuring them both buying antique collectibles?
3. Actors Turned Authors – What former “How I Met Your Mother” actor released a children’s book called “Magic Misfits?” Picked wrong actor, miss for 2.
Round Five
1. Talk Shows – What former SNL cast member had a short-lived late night talk show that ran for only five weeks in 1993? Picked another SNL alum who had a series the previous year that ran a little longer, big miss for 6. Somebody cancel us already!
2. Constellations – What is the name for the sixth largest constellation in the sky, which shares its name with the Greek name for the Po River? Nope.
3. Athletes – What former Olympic skater published a memoir called “Welcome to My World” in 2011 and had a hit single the same year called “Dirty Love?” Nope, missed this whole round.
Round Six
1. Retail – What retail bargain outlet features humorous cariacatures throughout the store based on the store’s founder Oliver E. Rosenberg? Never heard of this store, but then neither of us are “shoppers.” When you work in a store, shopping kinda loses its charm, lol… Miss for 2.
2. Gaming Consoles – What video game company manufactured the failed “Virtual Boy” console in the mid 1990s? Good guess for 4.
3. Artwork – Which DaVinci work was completed first – the “Mona Lisa” or “The Last Supper?” Got this for 6.
Scores: Barside, 34; Grayson’s Goombas, 47; ‘Pods, 53 and There Can Be Only One, 54.
Final Category – Actresses
What actress received a Tony nomination for best actress for “High Society” in 1998, published her first memoir at age 31 in 2016 and was nominated for her first Oscar in 2010 for a film released in 2009?
Nope…wagered low enough to win a third place prize. And why do I get the feeling I’d hate this woman? Is it because of this photo of her in “High Society?”

There can be Only One got first, Barside got second.
We’ll regroup with Kimberly here next week! Go as yet to be officially named team! We put in the ‘Pods name this game just because we arrived too late to think of anything better!

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