Trivia Recap – November 17, 2017 – Original Gravity (Venue Tournament)

Ah, I’m going to miss this place! Even if the three “hunting widows” (who probably all should have been cut off before they entered the bar) brought the obnoxious Thursday in a way that would put an entire drunken frat boy party to shame! Girl power? Whatever guys can do women can do better? I’ll leave that one for the courts to decide! This NPC (that’s Dungeons & Dragons lingo for non-player character) trio even started chanting “Choke, choke, choke” while players were answering a very tough TV final question in game one (which I think all teams failed, but not because of the psyche out by the drunken women – the question was just really hard and obscure). The general consensus among others when they left was “Good riddance!” Don’t get me wrong, I like having nice drunken fun in a bar as much as anyone else, and I like others to have nice drunken fun, too. But there’s having fun – and then there’s crashing the party – and these women were definitely crashing the party! I was at Original Gravity Brewing Co. in Milan, MI for the Sporcle Live venue tournament Thursday, wound up finishing in third overall. Not bad considering nobody on my team could join me that night (and let us not speak of the quarterbacks anagrams mystery round in game one again,the Rihanna songs mystery round in game two or that country music question that cost me 6 in game two)! I I won first place in game one, mainly for wagering low on the TV final. I rolled a d20 to determine my wager, but didn’t like the 19, or the 17 (yikes!), so I rolled a 3, and decided to wager one more than that. I don’t always do exactly what the “bones” tell me to do (sometimes they are treacherous self-serving liars out to harm you, lol). I did toss a coin on a multiple choice geography question with success later in the game, but I’ll tell you more about that in a bit! Team Big Heads Big Hearts (featuring a well known local “ringer” from a longtime league team which I will not name here, ahem) wound up finishing in first for the night and winning the tournament spot. My team will attempt to win a spot at Oscar’s in Saline on Saturday, in keeping with our “always play it down to the wire” mantra in our ‘Pods playbook! We never trust other teams farther than we can throw ’em – always, ALWAYS play to win, even if outnumbered, outclassed, other teams already have their spot or barhopped, yada yada! Never give up, never surrender! We will fight them on the beaches…OK, I’ll stop channeling Winston Churchill now! Or did I just channel Corey Hart? And the questions…
Game One
1. Presidents – When listed alphabetically, which U.S. president’s name comes last alphabetically? For an extra bonus point, for which state did this guy serve as governor? I recently read that while he was serving as governor, he wanted to order the killing of all of the sharks because of shark attacks at beaches, so this nugget was fresh in my mind. Good start to game, 10 plus the bonus point. And I was writing this question with my souvenir pen from this guy’s birthplace/museum!
2. Backup Bands -Sharing a name with a figure in U.S. history, what is the name of the backing band for Neil Young who is co-credited more than 10 albums recorded with him? 9
3. Desserts – What third ingredient, after egg yolks and sugar, is used in zabaglione? How in the world can this be used to smooth ice after a hockey game or the Ice Capades? This might’ve been a goose egg for all of the teams…miss for 2. Speaking of goose eggs…
4. Math Class – What fraction featuring a single digit numerator and denominator does the fraction 22.22 represent? Sadly, it turns out I did not even write this question down correctly (though it is correct here)! Maybe I can blame not hearing this one on the drunken “hunting widows” saying something loud while the question was being asked! Seriously…did one of the competing teams pay these women to show up to try to throw off our games? That’s quite a diabolical strategy! Maybe I will have to try it sometime (strokes non-existent beard). Math questions are usually pretty bad for me anyway, so writing it down wrong AND getting it wrong was a double whammy, miss for 5.
5. Logos- What three colors are used in the logo for Google Drive? Initially had right three colors, but switched one, miss for 4.
6. Celebrations – Which of the following locations celebrates the New Year first? Morocco, France, South Africa, or the Czech Republic? I flipped a coin between two of these, got this for 3.
7. TV Settings – What HBO series, which debuted in 2010, is set during Prohibition in Atlantic City? Yay I never watched this but still got it, 8.
8. Animated Films – “I See the Light,” a song from what Disney animated film released in 2010, was nominated for both a Golden Globe and Oscar for best original song? I had a 7, 1 and 6 left to use, so gambled and used the 7. Got it! The female lead in this movie used a frying pan as a weapon, which makes her pretty cool in my book! My advice? Use cast iron! It will help build your muscles, and send a message the recipient will not soon forget when applied forcefully to the face! And below are two images of hot women with frying pans…



If this woman can’t convince you not to use drugs, no one can!

9. Basketball Players (did I just say I had a one point slip left) – What basketball Hall of Famer holds the record for being the oldest person to win an NBA championship, doing so in 1997 while playing for the Chicago Bulls? I put down the only person I knew of of who played for the Bulls (my NBA knowledge is limited to being able to name Bill Russell, Larry Bird, this guy and maybe a handful of other players…that guy in the Sprite commercial…what’s his name…) Miss for 1.
10. Games – What game features two small animal-shaped figurines rolled like dice, resulting in positions including razorback, trotter, among others? I had a 6 pointer left, thankfully I remembered this game (though I have never played it). Maybe I should bring these things to games to determine points wagers! 🙂
Mystery – Anagrams – Identify the current NFL quarterback based on the following anagrams (as Charlie Brown would exclaim….AUUGHH)!


Lucy was always so good at pushing people’s buttons…and making poor Charlie Brown insane! My fan theory about her is she grows up to be a major dick tease. She gives a date-rape drug to her longtime crush Schroeder (who never gives her the time of day let alone his dick) and manages to convince him the child is his after she grants Charlie Brown a sympathy f— and gets pregnant. She is diabolical. Read more about my “Peanuts” fan theories here

1. Sour Sing Kick
2. Cow Man Net
3. Spotted Rack
4. July Trace
Managed to get #2. I actually really tried in this round! 😦 I wrote down as many quarterbacks as I could think of and tried to see if any of the names matched the anagram letters. Nope! I even put down that guy with way too many letters in his name who plays for the Steelers! What kind of anagram would THAT make? Let’s see…Brighteners eel rob!
Scores –
12 – Peanut Butter and Jelly, 10
11 – WTF, 11
9 – Rum Runners, 19
8 – Puff and Suds, 24
7 – This is Sparta, 25
6 – Suck it Trebek, 26
5 – ??? 36
4. Steven Hawking Ice Capades, 45
3 – Clutch, 46
2. ‘Pods, 49
1. Big Heads Big Hearts, 52
Final Category – TV Title Characters
Rockmore and Kimble are the last names of what sitcom’s title characters? After about 30 seconds or so, we had this additional hint – this sitcom debuted in the 1990s.
Final standings: BHBH, 34 (they wagered just enough to beat me by one had they gotten it right if I had also wagered full points and gotten it right…clever! Much more clever than using a d20 and adding one to the third die roll, lol), ‘Pods, 45. I was utterly dumbstruck to have won this game! How did THAT happen? My four-point wager actually had a strategy – it would have put me one point ahead of BHBH had I gotten it and they wagered zero on it. So both teams unsuccessfully tried anticipating what the other would do, but both won prizes.
Game Two (spoiler, this game is going to be a Greek tragedy, you might want to stop reading here, me winning game one is a pretty happy ending)
1. Islands – Located off the Southeast coast of South America, what islands were the source of conflict between Argentina and the U.K. in 1982? 10
2. The Body – Dopamine, histamine and seratonin are all examples of what 16-letter word meaning “chemical messengers?” I kind of re-wrote this question because my notes were kind of iffy here, but this is still kosher, got this for 5.
3. Theme Songs – “Save Me” by Remy Zero is the theme song for what 2001 TV show, which was based on a franchise that was more than 60 years old? Dammit, so obvious when the answer was revealed, miss for 2.
4. Video Games – What snack food mascot was used in video games titled “Too Cool to Fool” and “Wild Wild Quest” from the early 1990s? Initially had right guess, miss for 3.
5. World Leaders – Within two, in what year did Vladimir Putin first become president of Russia? Teammates would have helped me here, miss for 4.
6. Baseball Stars – As of the end of 2017, name one of the two active MLB players logging more than 3,000 career home runs? Name both for an extra bonus point. Nope and nope, miss for 1.
7. Vegetarian Dishes (yay, I used to be a vegetarian, can I use my biggest slip on this one pretty please? I promise to eat a whole brick of unflavored tofu without my hands if the trivia gods allow me to get this, lol) – What Middle Eastern vegetarian dish, often described as a salad, is made with couscous, olive oil, lemon juice and salt, among other ingredients? 9
8. Country Music (what better way to thin the herd in a trivia tournament than THIS topic) – Country singer Sam Hunt sang about a woman with a body like a what in 2017? Nope, miss for SIX, this was my lowest point slip! Yeah, I could have wagered better earlier in the game!
9. Slogans – What brand of cleaning product has used the slogan “stronger than dirt” and features a mythological namesake? 8
10. Action Movies (dear lord I had a 7 point slip remaining…will I get this one?) – Which movie in the “Fast and the Furious” franchise is the only one with a number spelled out in its title? Yay, got this.
Mystery – Songs Featuring Rihanna (GOOD GRIEF!)

Name the other artist singing with Rihanna on the following singles.
1. Love the Way You Lie, 2010
2. This is What You Came For, 2016
3. Take Care, 2012
4. I Can’t Remember to Forget You, 2014
Managed to get #1.
Scores –
9 – Puff and Suds, 30
8 – WTF, 31
7 – Steven Hawking, 36
6 – Suck it Trebek
4 (tie) – ‘Pods and This is Sparta, 41
3 – Clutch, 44
2. BHBH, 50
1. Subaru Brothers, 55
Final Category – Science Fiction (should not have let my teammates take this night off, lol)
What 1985 science fiction novel, which was adapted into a movie, also won a Hugo Award? This book’s author also penned Speaker for the Dead, Red Profit, Xenocide, and Seventh Sun?
Wagered 20 and missed, would have fared better had I let the d20 decide my wager here!
Final Standings – Puff and Suds, 50; BHBH, 61 (I see what they did here…wagered enough to put us in a tiebreaker had I wagered 20 and gotten it…now THAT would have made things exciting (I live for tiebreakers)! Gotta tip my hat to THESE guys! 😉


There are few photos that exist of me wearing hats, except winter hats. I had to go to MySpace to find this photo from…2008? Unsure of the year.

Sadly this is the last time our team will play here regularly until next April when the spring season begins. A half hour drive to a trivia spot is not very compatible with winter weather! Ah, I’ll miss the place…and I’ll never forget the trio of drunken hunting widows! I just wouldn’t want to say the wrong thing to any of them while they were blowing off steam! Our next outing will be Saturday, look for a recap on Sunday. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, all of you hunting widows! Who am I kidding…classy is SO overrated! Well behaved women seldom make history!

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