Is technology turning us all into a horde of zombies?


I was walking through a mall in Ann Arbor MI on my lunch break on Friday, Nov. 3 and saw that there was a huge-ass group of people congregating near the Apple Store. At first I was like, “Who are all these people? Are they going to jam up the wi-fi (I go into the center of the mall on my lunch break to use Starbucks’ wi-fi since it does not work in the store where I work). And I have only ever purchased anything from Starbucks once in the past year (yeah, I’m just such a basic bitch, buying Starbucks coffee once a year, lol).  This group of at least 60 people were “herded” inside whatever is they call the free-standing thingies (word escaping me) stores use in front of cash registers to cordone off lines of customers. I took this photo, and since it turned out so blurry, I was going to delete it. But my husband, who is a graphic artist, saw it and decided to have a little PhotoShop fun with it! Sorry this isn’t actually a full-on blog, but this photo is worth a thousand words!

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