Trivia Recap – MTL semifinals – Oct. 14, 2017


Congratulations to “The President of Puerto Rico is an Idiot,” Cleanup on Aisle 10 and King Cobra for advancing today in the My Trivia Live semifinals at McShane’s Pub in Ypsilanti and earning a spot in next week’s finals! Also shout out to our Wurst rivals “Team Pants” for earning a spot – but since they cannot play next Saturday, they offered their spot to the team that finished in fourth. We put forth a good effort today, we were in first at the half, and in second going into the final, but it just was not to be. Que sera, sera! And here are the questions, which WILL be very, very abbreviated!
Round One
1. U.S. History – What famous battle in the War for Independence was primarily fought on Breed’s Hill? 5
2. Board Games – In what strategy board game is Indonesia worth two and Greenland worth 5? 3
3. Fast Food – What fast food chain opened Jan. 31, 1991 and was the first fast food chain in the Soviet Union? Aced this first round.
Round Two
1. Back in the Day – What were you dialing, starting in 1962, if you dialed (area code) 555-1212? 5
2. ’90s Nickelodeon – What was the first and last name of Doug’s girlfriend on the Nickelodeon series called “Doug?” And this was my primary solo contribution of the game…lol. 3.
3. Twenty-first century MTV – Who won the award for best hip-hop artist at the August, 2017 MTV Music Awards? There was a bit more to this question that I didn’t write down…miss for 1.
Round Three
1. Classic Literature – What color robe/cloak did the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come wear in “A Christmas Carol?” Reasoned guess for 3
2. Famous Statues – In 1871, artist Vinnie Ream created a sculpture of what U.S. president that sits in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol? A bit of debate, but got this for 1.
3. European Geography – What autonomous community in Spain has been in the news lately for holding an illegal referendum in an attempt to declare independence? 5
Halftime – Identify the music artist based on the following clues.
1. Artist whom, along with band members, nominated for several Grammy awards and Golden Globes who received a Nobel Peace Prize in 2008
2. Band recognized for longest running fan club based in London since 1974
3. Inductee in the Rock ‘n Roll and Gospel Hall of Fame who recorded 600 songs but is only credited with writing nine of them
4. Artist who released a self-titled album in 1967 and was first to be advertised on a Sunset Strip marquee
Missed #2.
Scores: Nine teams – Fifty Shades of Grey Hair and King Cobra, 21;  More Beer Less Pants and President of Puerto Rico is an Idiot, 22; Last Second ???, 24; Downriver Kiwanis, 25; Pants, 27; Cleanup on Aisle 10, 29 and ‘Pods, 32.
Round Four
1. U.S. Presidents – After George Washington appointed 10, which U.S. president comes in second for the number of Supreme Court justices he appointed with eight? 4
2. Beer – In what European city is Budweis located? 2
3. Gadgets – Within one, in what year did Apple release the first iPod? Nailed it exactly, after some debate, 6.
Round Five (this is going to be awful – spoiler!)
1. Sports – Which former Detroit Red Wing, who played as left wing, was drafted in 1981, ended his career with the Tampa Bay Lightning in 1995 and is current coach for the Las Vegas Golden Knights? Miss for 2.
2. Historical Agreements – What was the name for the set of agreements between Israel and Palestine in 1993? Miss 4.
3. Internet Communication – Prior to acquisition by AOL in 1998, what was the first standalone online instant messaging service to feature individual accounts beginning in 1996? Miss for 6.
Round Six
1. Magazines – How much did an issue of Life magazine cost when it premiered in 1936? 2
2. Standoffs – In what Texas city did a 51-day standoff occur on Feb. 28, 1993? Before we had this question, we actually discussed this very event…lol, 6.
3. U.S. States – In what U.S. state would you find the tallest lighthouse in the United States at 207 feet tall, 10 feet of which is underground? Mike was all over this.
Scores: Fifty Shades of Grey Hair, 35; Downriver Kiwanis, 39; Last Second Pigeons and The President of Puerto Rico is an Idiot, 40; MBLP, 44; Cleanup on Aisle 10, 47; King Cobra, 51; ‘Pods, 56 and Pants, 59.
Final Category – Acting Dynasties
Name the youngest son in the acting Carradine family who also portrayed the character Lewis Skolnick in “Revenge of the Nerds?” Nope, we picked the wrong Carradine. Winning teams listed in the first sentence. Until next time, which will be tonight at Oscar’s in Saline for a Liz show. Look for a recap of that game on Sunday! As always, stay classy, David Koresh, and Go Pods!

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