Trivia Recap – Oct. 6, 2017 – Original Gravity


Top ‘o the morning to y’all, dear trivia aficionados! It’s raining outside, which has become SUCH a strange occurrence as of late around this part of MI. What is this demonry? Someone casting some kind of strange water spell upon us? A couple of us ‘Pods officially started our vacation Thursday night at Original Gravity Brewing Co. for its Sporcle Live with Jo’El scene (he is one of the newest trivia hosts). We’ve been on a bit of a roll here this season, which is quite the opposite of how we did in the most recent season! Last season, we got off to a very rough start, played seven straight weeks without any prizes, and had to crawl our way up through the standings Andy DuFresne style (some of you will get that “Shawshank Redemption” reference), eventually coming out on top at the venue tournament at the end. We’ve played three games here this season – the first of those nights, a “soloist” won her first ever solo first prize sweep (woot), and on the previous two outings we won a $10 gift certificate on each of those nights. I haven’t seen the standings yet, but we got both final questions right, one of which was about “Star Trek” films (thankfully I had my nerdy husband in tow for this game, lol), so I “think” we finished in first for the night. And the questions, some of which may be very abbreviated (we do want to hit the road today, after all!)
Game One
1. Advertising Mascots – What was the name of the anti-forest fires mascot for the National Ad Council created in 1944?
2. Doors – What is the “nationality” of a door that can stay open at the top but closed on the bottom?
3. Oscar Shutouts – What 2002 Martin Scorsese film snagged 10 Oscar nominations but won zero?
4. Wedding Songs – What Etta James song, per Spotify, is the most popular one used for first dances at weddings? Miss.
5. SCIENCE terms – What do the letters “A” and “D” stand for in electricity parlance?
6. ’90s TV – In what series, debuting in 1997, did characters hang out in a night club called “The Bronze?” LOL one of our favorite shows….go figure! We figured it would be “Will and Grace,” “Wings,” or “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Or “Friends.” Well played, Sporcle!
7. State Nicknames – Name one of the two U.S. states with the word “mountain” in their official nicknames. Name both for an additional “nerd” bonus point. Got both.
8. Racing – Between 1979 and 1991, Rick Nears won what race four times? Good guess for 2.
9. Authors – What author’s birthday coincides with “National Read Across America Day?” FB clue…
10. Shopping – In what city would you go for a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive?
Mystery – Crosswords
1. Six letters – word for savoring the flavor, or popular hot dog dopping
2. Five letters, type of bird said to be “cooked” when someone is in trouble
3. Nine letters, what someone is said to be walking on when trying to avoid upsetting someone
4. Four letters for a type of unattainable grape described by the fox in an Aesop fable
Got all of these.
Scores: 13 teams, scores ?? (did not near bottom score) to 65, with us playing under the name Blumpkin Spice Latte and Rich’s Bitches tied for first.
Final Category- Sci-Fi films
Actor Patrick Stewart appeared in four “Star Trek: The Next GeneratIon” films, one of which was “Star Trek: Generations.” Name any two of the other film subtitles. I would’ve known one for sure, but Mike knew both of the other ones
Final Standings: Big Heads, Big Hearts, 60; ‘Pods, 85.
Game Two
1. Netflix – What Netflix series debuting in 2016 was the recipient of an MTV movie award? Not completely sure of the question wording here, but it’s a series that starred Winona Ryder….
2. Coaches – Including head coaching jobs for the Nuggets, Nets and ’76ers, who was the only coach to have led eight different NBA teams to finals? A nice guy sitting next to us at the bar helped us here, but for only two (we didn’t solicit his help but weren’t going to turn it down).
3. Recent Music – What duo had a 2017 hit with “I Feel it Coming?” Miss.
4. Temples – The Bahá’í Temple in New Delhi is shaped like what sacred flower? Mike really had to use the bathroom before this question was asked, but stuck around because he figured I’d need his help with this one (he was right about that….).
5. Astronomy – (and thankfully he was back by the time they asked this one) The Cassini Division is the name of the separation between what celestial bodies orbiting Earth?
6. 1992 – Audio clip of Kasey Casem talking about a female celebrity who had the book “Sex,” in addition to a hit record and role in a hit film.
7. On the Water – Launched in 2006, the U.S. George H.W. Bush is the tenth and final ship of what type? Not totally sure of this question wording, but Mike was all over this…
8. Reunions – The cast of what romantic comedy briefly reunited in 2017 for a red nose charity event? No clue…miss for 4.
9. Sidekicks – Miles Prower is the sidekick to what animated video game character? I suggested the right guy, but we put down someone else, miss for 5.
10. Superstitions – According to superstition, what body part is burning if someone is talking about you?
Meh. Ended this rough round with 47 points.
Scores: We were in fourth with 47 tied with one other team, BHBH was in third with 59, Team Piss (unsure of their whole name, but it had the word “piss” in it) with 60, and Team Kaitlyn was in first with 62.
Visual Mystery –
Final Category – Islands
What are the three most populous islands that are also sovereign nations in the Caribbean? For clarification (I did NOT ask this to be funny, but it kind of came out this way), I asked, “Before or after the recent hurricane?” Too soon?
We got this, but so did the teams ahead of us in the prize zone, so teams Piss and Kaitlyn walked out with the top prizes. We have $1.79 left in gift card money! That’s it for now, I’ll be sending a couple of “reruns” your way in the next couple of days, but won’t have another recap for you until maybe Friday. I may be checking out a new joint on Thursday, which strangely enough, is a place that previously offered trivia when it was under a different name (the circle of trivia life, lol).

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