Move over, Edward! How much do you know about Spike – everyone’s favorite vamp?

Who’s ready for a set of trivia questions all about Spike from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer?” The series is 20 years old this year, so this is kind of topical! And Spike was one of the most popular characters from the series, so here goes…how much do YOU know about Spike?
1. Given Names – What is Spike’s birth name? First name acceptable, bonus for knowing the last name, too.
2. Years – Within five, in what year was Spike turned into a vampire? Bonus, who turned him into a vampire?
3. Embarrassment – Before being turned into a vampire, what did Spike attempt to do to woo a girl – which wound up bringing him painful ridicule?
4. Personal Items – What item did Spike take from slayer Nikki Wood after killing her?
5. School Events – When Spike first appears on a “Buffy” episode, what event is going on at Sunnydale High School?
6. Secret Organizations – What did The Initiative do to Spike to keep him from hurting humans? What creatures was he able to hurt despite not being able to hurt humans?
7. Rock Stars – What rock star did Spike claim stole his look?
8. Numbers – What was Spike’s number as assigned to him by The Initiative? This number was preceded by “Hostile.” Hint: (I’m feeling generous…) this number also appears in the name of a Winger song.
9. Quotes – Who is Spike referring to in this quote from the episode called “Pangs?” “The history of the world is not people making friends. You had better weapons, and you massacred them. End of story.”
10. Scientists – Who did Spike recruit to make a robotic version of Buffy?

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