Trivia Recap – Aug. 24, 2017 – Wurst Bar

Sometimes spin-offs of popular TV shows do as well – or better – as the series from which they spun off. “Maude” (the first “All in the Family” spin-off), “The Jeffersons” and “Good Times” were all fairly successful spin-offs of the original series. Speaking of “Good Times,” I just saw John Amos in a Netflix series called “The Ranch.” Sometimes spin-offs don’t work out so well – anyone remember “The Ropers?” Yeah, that one wasn’t such a great spin-off, neither was the other spin-off from “Three’s Company,” “Three’s a Crowd.” And then there was the “Friends” spin-off, “Joey.” Yeah….(rolls eyes, groans). Well, the ‘Pods did a “spin-off” Wednesday night in our My Trivia Live hosted by Stacy at the Wurst Bar when we had a couple of extra players show up, and this spin-off did fairly well! Right up until the final question, that is… We played as two teams – the “A” team wound up wagering zero on the final and knowing it – winning a $20 gift card. And the “B” team (aka team GDX) wagered “strategically” on it – but missed it. Hey, as long as one of the teams won a prize, it’s all good! The two teams were pretty neck-and-neck in terms of scoring, though (grrr…darn quarterbacks question…grumble…sportsball!). And the questions…
Round One
1. In the Kitchen – What line of kitchen containers made their debut in 1945 and were known for the “burp” sound that the lids made? Both teams got this for 5.
2. Geography – What continent is the world’s second largest? Someone shouted out the answer, which thankfully happened to be correct (thanks, loud douchebag!), both teams got for 3.
3. Billionaires – Who was the first oil billionaire as reported in U.S. newspapers on September 29, 1916? The ‘Pods got this for one, the “B” team missed for 1. I picked the “steel” guy instead of the “oil” guy 😦
Round Two
1. Mountain Ranges – What mountain range lies between the Arkansas and Missouri Rivers? Both teams got for 5.
2. Cookouts – What barbecue sauce released in 1953 was dubbed “True Pitmaster’s Choice?” Both teams got for 3.
3. Famous Women Inventors – What celebrity chef and cookbook author invented “shark chaser,” a shark repellent used by the agency that later became the CIA? For an extra three point bonus, Dorothy Arzner invented what piece of movie equipment that was essential for making “talkies” possible? The “A” team did not risk the bonus, the “B” team got the extra three points. What the hell, guys? You were talking about the right answer! Should’ve gone for it! Tsk, tsk…This was a one-pointer for both teams.
Round Three
1. Disney Films – What 2004 Disney Pictures film featured Nicolas Cage as Ben Gates? Both teams got for 5.
2. Equator – How many recognized oceans does the equator pass through? A team got for 3, B team got for 1.
3. Chinese Calendar – What four-legged furry friend will be the Chinese zodiac animal in 2018? Way too many hints given here…A team got for 1, B team got for 3.
Halftime – Name the person/event depicted on the following covers of Time magazine, given the descriptions/dates:
1. Famous gangster, March 24, 1930
2. Picture of aftermath of what riot, Aug. 20, 1965
3. Quarterback on cover of Jan. 25, 1982 with the headline “Super Dreams”
4. Fictional character from a story that sold 450 million copies and spread over seven books
A team got all of these, B team missed #3. So close, though – I went with the “Broadway” guy instead of the right guy – I had the right first name! Dammit! :
Scores- Eight teams – Titanic Swim Team, 18; Whiskey Tango, 22; Glencoe Hillbillies, 24; Drinkers and Thinkers, 27; Pocket Pool Sharks, 30; GDX (Pods B team), 35; ‘Pods, 37; and Pants with a perfect score of 40 (nice, guys!).
Round Four
1 Lighting – What was the first US city to install street lights? Newsletter answer, 6 for both teams.
2. Moon Child – What is the name for the full moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox? Both teams, 4 points.
3. Nobel Prizes – What is the only Nobel Prize category to be awarded by the Norwegian Nobel Prize committee? Both teams got for 2. And this is around when Joel showed up to help the “B” team….
Round Five
1. Music Lyrics – What is the first name of the “real estate novelist” in the song “Piano Man” by Billy Joel? A team missed this for 2, B team got for 6.
2. World Wars – What group is memorialized in the World War 1 and World War 2 memorials and cemetery in South Lyon, MI? One of the A team’s “extra” players Laura knew this one instantly for 4 points, the B team missed this for 2.
3. SyFyChannel – What company did the “Ghost Hunters” guys work for – which was clearly depicted on trucks in episodes of their shows? I used to ask Mike to wake me up if they ever actually discovered any ghosts…(spoiler…he never woke me up). A team got for 6, B team got for 4.
Round Six
1. Musicals – What musical featured Yul Brynner in 4,625 stage performances? A show with everything…AND Yul Brynner…time flies…doesn’t seem a minute since the Tarolean spa had the chess boys in it…all change…don’t you know that when you…play at this level it’s no ordinary venue…OK, OK, I’ll stop it with the “One Night in Bangkok” lyrics! Both teams got for 6.
2. Color Wheel – Name two of the three secondary colors. Yes, this was really a question…both teams got for 4.
3. English Language – Name one of the two shortest words in the English language. OK – I know round six questions tend to be the easiest of the night, but these were almost TOO easy! 🙂
Scores leading into the final:
Glencoe Hillbillies, 44; Whiskey Tango, 48; Titanic Swim Team, 48; Drinkers and Thinkers, 51; Pocket Pool Sharks, 61; GDX (‘Pods B Team, 69; ‘Pods, 71 and Pants, 74. So, so close to a perfect game, Team Pants! Wonder which two points you missed? That South Lyon question?
Final Category – Producers
I got excited when I heard this category, was not quite as excited when I heard the actual question….
What country in the world produces the most almonds?
For the record, I’m not a fan of final questions like these. I had a choice of one country out of 197, and I chose the wrong one…
Joel and I talked about the right answer, but we opted to go south of the border instead. The ‘Pods got the answer correct, but wagered zero.
Final scores: Pocket Pool Sharks, 61, $10 (wise zero bet); ‘Pods, 71, $20; Pants, 148, $30. Until next time, which will be Saturday, so look for a game recap on Sunday. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, John D. Rockefeller! 🐙

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