Trivia Recap – July 7, 2017 – Original Gravity

It hasn’t been an easy Sporcle Live season for us at Original Gravity Brewing Co. We’ve been attempting the “divide and conquer” approach, using most of of our “troops” in our Wednesday My Trivia Live games at The Wurst Bar, and just 1-2 players on most Thursdays. We’ve only managed to win $10 in prize money all season, and have had only seven games with 100 points or higher! We have made some gains in total points scored in games, and are closing in on the Mellows in the standings, trailing them by only two league points. We’re not called “The Fighting Cephalopods” because we’re awesome! Like our cephalopod mascots, we often have to get a little scrappy, fighting off sharks, nature photographers, marine bloggers, Red Lobster fishing boats, Jacques Cousteau wannabes, what have you. Good news is we had our highest scoring night of the OG season with 137 points! We narrowly finished in third, just one point behind Where’s Trey. In our game Thursday, our “representatives” were myself (Heather) and David, who, for the most part, teamed up fairly well on the questions! Speaking of…
Game One
1. Video Games – Which James Bond film was made into a Nintendo 64 video game in 1997 and became one of the best selling games? 3
2. Business – In February, 2017, outdoor retailer Moosejaw was purchased by what other retailer for $51 million? 10
3. Literary Terms – What 11-letter word referring to a lead character in a story comes from the Greek and means “first competitor?” 9
4. Diseases – Which part of the eye is damaged by glaucoma? Retina, pupil, optic nerve or iris? Miss for 4.
5. Disputes – Name one of the two U.S. states that feuded over water rights to the Pecos River, which was ultimately settled by the US. government in 1949? Name both for an additional “nerd” point, got this for 1, missed the bonus.
6. Same Name – What is the shared first and last name of an Oakland Raiders coach and the English director of the 1998 film “Shakespeare in Love?”
7. Foreign Food – What Australian food paste is made from the yeast extract left over after making beer? Hm, this sounds tasty, maybe I’ll make a sandwich out of this and listen to some “Men At Work,” lol…
8. ’90s Songs – What single word precedes “sweater” in Weezer’s “The Sweater Song?” Miss for 5 (so, so close though).
9. Late Night TV – In September, 2016, what late night talk show host was criticized after he tousled Donald Trump’s hair on live television?
10. Transportation – What is the nickname for the London Underground? Finished this regular round by getting this correct for 6.
Mystery – Quickfire – Name the first four Disney animated films released with one-word titles.
Got all of these.
Scores – Eleven teams, scores 42 to 67 with Where’s Trey in first. We were tied for third with Champions Plus One playing under the moniker “Bat Wings Are a Pre-Existing Condition” with 53 points. Ouch – missing only two questions – but for 5 and 4 – that hurt us!
Final Category – Singers
Since Gretchen Wilson won the award in 2005, only three different women have won Female Vocalist of the Year at the Country Music Association Awards.
Name two of those women.
I wasn’t so sure on wagering on this category, but Dave said, “I say we go big or go home.” And I said, “Why not?” Glad we did! We wound up coming up with both of these.
And then the host read the scores, and announced we were in a tiebreaker for second with Champions Plus One. I got all excited – I haven’t been involved in a tiebreaker for quite a while! Yes, I love tiebreakers (call me a glutton for punishment, adrenaline junkie, whatevs…) Sad to say, that tiebreaker would not be necessary, host Trivia With Matty Ice did not calculate the final scores correctly, and More Beer Less Pants was in fact in second with 82 points. Boo! Yes, people make mistakes, I get it. But we’ve had SUCH a rough go of it this season here – for us to come SO close to having even a shot at winning prize money and then “nope?” Clearly it was time to step outside and take a breather! 🙂
Game Two
1. Harry Potter – Filius Flitwick is the head of which of the four houses in the Harry Potter universe? Dave comes up with correct guess, but we only wagered 2. And I am going on the record with what is going to be a very unpopular opinion (go ahead get ready to click the “dislike page” if you want). BUT I DON’T LIKE HARRY POTTER! I saw every single one of the movies just because it seemed like a “thing to do.” Dear lord did those last two really plod on…Deathly Hallows? Pull the plug already! My husband Mike even read all of the books! But Harry Potter just isn’t my bag! “Lord of the Rings” is quite enough fantasy literature for me – and there are very few annoying kids involved in the story! Yes, J.K. Rowling came up with a great book series and has made a ton of money. And I appreciate that so many people really dig this stuff. But it’s just not interesting to me. Though I did kind of like the characters Hagrid and that Sirius Black character played by Gary Oldman (he was kind of cute with the long hair imho, and those smoldering eyes – be still my heart!). What a chameleon of an actor Gary Oldman is! So underrated…he can do Beethoven, Sid Vicious, Commissioner Gordon, and that very hot Sirius Black guy. OK, OK, I have digressed QUITE enough!
2. Wonders – The Lighthouse of Alexandria was locate in which modern day country? 5
3. Money Math – If you have four separate pieces of paper currency depicting Lincoln, Jackson, Grant and Franklin, how much money do you have? 10
4. Actors – Name one of the two actors who have hosted SNL more than six times and also played Meryl Streep’s love interest in “That’s Complicated?” Got both of these for 9.
5. Where Is It? Where would you find the Mare Vaporum, also known as the “Sea of Vapors?” Mike would have helped us here, miss for 1.
6. Baseball Records – Who holds the MLB record for the most career hits with 4.256? Dave all over this one for 8.
7. Sitcoms – On what sitcom did Melissa Joan Hart play a character with the last name Spellman? I never watched this show, but for some reason knew this one. Magic? 🙂 Or is it because I’m a witch? Don’t answer that or else I will cast a spell on you! 😉
8. Weapons – A falchion is what type of weapon? Dave and I were torn between two different types of weapons, so we flipped a coin. And the coin’s “choice” was wrong…miss for 4.
9. Audio – Host played the song “Hey Ladies,” had to identify the first name shared by two of the guys in the trio. Got both of these. Funny, I posted a cars trivia question just hours before the game which mentioned this specific song. My question was what specific make and model of luxury car is mentioned by name in the song.
10. Mythology – Prometheus stole what from Mount Olympus? This question is abbreviated…
Mystery – Got all of these, though we did stumble over #2 a bit…
Scores – Eleven teams, scores 36 to 60, with us in first this time.
Two separate military ranks within the U.S. Army use oak leaves as their insignias.
Name one of those two ranks.
Willow, when you get a chance, please ask Larry if he knows the answer to this one!
We wagered zero on this and had no clue. Unfortunately, two other teams had enough of a clue to overtake us, we finished in third AGAIN behind Champions Plus One (77) and Hop Heads (68). Do we feel like virgins on prom night? You better believe it! Now to swim back under our nice, cozy rocks for a bit…ahh, that’s nice! Our next trivia outing will be our MTL semifinal game Saturday at the Wurst Bar, where we will attempt to win a finals spot for the July 15 tournament. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Pete Rose!

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