Trivia Recap – May 18, 2017 – Wurst Bar

As Chuck Berry sang, “It goes to show you never can tell.” When it comes to trivia, you never can tell what nugget of knowledge another player might have in their brains! A couple of special “guests” joined us for Wednesday’s My Trivia Live game at The Wurst Bar, one of whom is a 20-something woman who grew up in India named Srinirisha. So you think, “Just what is she going to know about American pop culture?” Well, as it turns out, she knew the three-point bonus answer to a tough “cartoons” question! And the question – “Nibbles is a diapered character from a cartoon series – and is the nephew of what cartoon character?” She said, “My dad used to play these cartoons for me when I had to stay home sick from school.” Impressive! This proved to be a stumper for our core “trio,” whom are all well versed in the old-school cartoons, especially Looney Tunes. We finished in first for the night with a $30 gift card after wagering zero on a movies final question that NO TEAMS GOT CORRECT. For the record, this is not our favorite way to win beer money! But…we’ll take it! And the questions…
Round One
1. Money – What does the letter “F” stand for in IMF?
2. SCIENCE! – What is the name for twins formed from two different sperm cells?
3. SCIENCE! – What vitamin is known as the “sunshine vitamin?”
Round Two
1. Retail – What retailer was founded in 1902 as Goodfellow Dry Goods in Minnesota before getting its current name in 1962?
2. Music – Released in 1975, “A Night at the Opera” was the fourth studio album by what rock band?
3. Cartoons – Who was the first female Smurf? And for an extra three points, “The Little Orphan,” an academy-award winning cartoon short, features the diapered character Nibbles, who is the nephew of what character? And Sri steps in for the field goal here…nicely done!
Round Three
1. Games – What is the name for a three-person game of pool, aka “Screw your buddy?” Brain fart, miss.
2. Food – Larger than penne or ziti, what is the name for the tubular pasta with ridges along the side? Miss…
3. Companies – What are the last names of William and James, who started a Cincinnati company specializing in cleaning and personal care products, which have over the years included Pringles?
Halfltime – Older or Younger than Betty White – pick whether the listed item is older or younger than Betty White.
1. Prohibition
2. Hollywood sign
3. Empire State Building
4. First machine-sliced packaged bread
Mike and Brad were all over this…got them all.
We were in second going into the second half with 36 points, behind Princess Indigo et. al., who had 39 points.
Round Four
1. Diseases – Omphalitis is an infection of what part of the body? Newsletter clue…
2. History – Samuel Winslow received a patent in 1641 for what seasoning? Miss.
3. TV Characters – “Amok Time” was a TV episode involving what character, who needed to mate or die? This question is heavily abbreviated.
Round Five
1. Assassinations – Who attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan in 1981? And who was this guy trying to impress? We’re just asking that to have an excuse for the photo tie-in!
2. Cooking – What cooking term is equivalent to 1/16 of teaspoon, or five drops of a liquid? Mike came up with this at the 11th hour…
3. Vehicles – Shuttlehead, knucklehead and pan head are all types of what vehicle?
Round Six
1. Music – In 1947, what singer was born Michael Lee Aday and got his nickname from a football coach because of his weight?
2. Sports – What quarterback broke his leg in Monday Night Football in 1985 by getting tackled by Lawrence Taylor? Brad all over this one…
3. Europe- Opening in 1991, the “Chunnel” links what two countries?
Scores – Eleven teams, scores 26 to 67, with Princess Indigo ahead of us by just one point.
Final Category – Movies
What animated film was the first to receive the Academy Award for best animated feature?
Final Scores – Team Pants, 1; Tipsy Gypsies, 3; and ‘Pods, 66.

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