Trivia Recap – April 24, 2017 – 59 West (Sporcle Live west division finals)

Four of us carpooled to the Sporcle Live west division league championship at 59West on a warm, sunny afternoon. We planned to allow at least an hour and 15 minutes to get out there. Google maps estimated the 42-mile trip to take about 48 minutes. Great, since we like to arrive early enough to find our table, grab a beer, etc. We knew there was construction along the route (seriously…when is there NOT construction along U.S. 23? Ugh…)., so we figured we’d still be able to get there on time. We navigated several one-lane zones, annoyingly dealt with halted construction traffic, joked about slaloming between the construction pilons – or attempting to knock all of them down (that would be a really fun video game, BTW). Then finally we exited what we thought was our last “slowdown” area and got to punch the accelerator a bit, hoping to make up for some lost time. Then traffic came to a stop. Again. “What’s going on,” Brad asked. I couldn’t immediately see a reason for the slowed-down traffic, I figured it was probably just more construction nonsense. Then we saw the flashing lights and a glimpse of a wrecker. “Oh that’s why…it’s gawkers.” Everyone loves to hate accident gawkers. But as we saw more and more of the scene causing the “gawking,” we understood why people would stare. It looked like nearly every wrecker in Livingston County was on the scene, and at least a couple of ambulances and police cruisers with emergency flashers engaged. There was a parked semi truck partially blocking the whole road. And what used to be a Ford Escort, now looking like a ball of wadded-up tinfoil (one of nine vehicles involved in the accident, according to published reports). The driver of the semi has apparently been jailed for causing the accident. It was not a pleasant thing to see, and it apparently caused quite a few teams to be late to the tournament, which had a slightly delayed start time. We managed to arrive about 10 minutes before the game was scheduled to start, so we didn’t make out too badly! All of this makes the trivia tournament almost inconsequential by comparison! Missing six questions in game one? Big deal! We were alive, weren’t we? We survived a dicey commute to a banquet hall, goofed around with plush cephalopods and rubber finger tentacles, had some beer…but we were alive, dammit! Who cares about a silly trivia tournament in the grand scheme of things? It would only take seconds for everything to end forever if a semi barrels into you while you’re driving 70-80 miles per hour on the highway – or are stopped, like these vehicles were – so what if you can’t name more than a couple of characters from “The Great Gatsby” or missed a question about a stupid commercial? But hey, since so many of you want to know what questions we had in the tournament on Sunday, I’m going to get to typing those…right now!
Game One
1. Fictional Characters – Home to an annual festival, the city of Riverside, Iowa proclaims iself to be the future birthplace of what fictional character? Mike for 10.
2. NFL Teams – What NFL franchise is the only one to have won Super Bowls in the decades of the 80s, 90s, 00s, and 10s? Brad and I “teamed” up here with success (see what I did there?), but only for 2.
3. Organizations – Founded in 1912 and often referred to by its initials, what non-profit “watchdog” organization was originally called the National Vigilance Committee? Miss for 5.
4. Screenplays – Two books by Michael Lewis have been adapted into films that were nominated for the Academy Award for best adapted screenplay. Name those two films, both of which have been released in the past six years. Got one, but not both, miss for 1.
5. State Borders – Name three of the four U.S. states with exactly two other states sharing land or water borders with them. Miss for 3.
6. Commercials – “For every one of those moments, there’s one of these” is the slogan used in commercials for what? Miss for 7.
7. Grammy Awards – With 62 nominations overall, who is the most nominated woman in Grammy history, and also the woman with the second most number of Grammy wins of any other female performer? Miss for 4.
8. Physical Traits – Ephelides are a physical trait much more commonly known by what name? 9
9. Words – What 11-letter word for a personality disorder is characterized by delusions of grandeur and is derived from the Greek word meaning “great madness?” 8
10. Book Crimes – What is the name of the character who shoots and kills Jay Gatsby? Uh, who cares about that book? Apparently not us! Miss for 6.
Mystery – Championship Words – Each correct response will contain letters found in the word “championship.”
1. Method of teaching beginning readers by focusing on how letters and groups of letters of the alphabet look and sound
2. Five-letter word found in the title of a 2006 film starring Jack Black
3. Word describing a day of the week in a 1986 hit gingle
4. Series of metal links
Finished this round with 37 points. The scores of the teams in the top 10 ranged from 48 to 57 points. One is the Loneliest Number was in first heading into the second game.
[SPOILER – Game two will go a bit better for us!]
Game Two
1. Car Brands – Four of GM’s current automobile brands were founded in the U.S. Name those four brands. 10
2. First Names – What is the first name missing from the following chronological sequence of names – Harold, James, (BLANK), John, Anthony, Gordon and David? Blank stares all around here…miss for 1.
3. Olympics – The pentathlon in ancient Olympic games is made up of sprinting, javelin throwing, discus throw, long jump, and what other single event which is not considered to be a track and field event? Miss for 2.
4. Hit Songs – What song peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1984 after being released by an English group and later at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1998 by a Swedish group? Nope, miss for 3.
5. Insects – Lepidopterology is the branch of etymology concerning the study of two different types of insects. Name one of those two insects.
6. Arcade Games – In the original Street Fighter 2 arcade game, there are eight playable characters, two from Japan and one each from four different other countries. Name those four countries. Stacy and Mike teamed up here…
7. TV Roles – What character played a main character on the NBC series “Up All Night,” a main character on the CBS series “The Millers,” and voices the main character on the Netflix series “Bojack Horseman?” My first “major” contribution of the night…and of course it’s the latter of these series that clinched me knowing the answer (forgive me, but I never, ever outgrew watching cartoons, dammit!). And speaking of cartoons…
8. Animated Movies – What animated film released in December, 2016 with a $270 million U.S. box office gross surpassed “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” as the highest-grossing film to never hit #1? Mike came up with the right movie, and I actually “sort of” remembered the box office gross for this (I tried “studying” this stuff..yay points!
9. City Names – Of the 28 member states of the European Union, five have capital cities beginning with the same letter. Name that letter. Brad the hero here…
10. Snacks – What brand of snack food was originally only available in toasted corn and later had varieties including sour cream and onion and sesame, which were both later discontinued? Miss.
Mystery – Before and After and After
1. Musician known for collaborating with Bernie Taupin and acor who played characters name Barf and Ox and a puzzle game released by King in 2012
2. . Stage name of the lead singer of Culture Club, first commander of the Continental Army and Manhattan neighborhood located between the Harlem and Hudson Rivers
I did not write down questions 3 and 4 in their entirety…I had come to the end of my paper and focused more on coming up with answers than writing it all down! But I will say Lenny Bruce Lee and Craig T. Nelson Rockefeller made up part of the answers! And it was about here that Brad and Mike decided to pick on me for my terrible penmanship, and I decided I wasn’t having it….”OK…anyone here ever have a job where you had to take handwritten notes as part of your job? Nope? Then shut your whore mouths about my sloppy writing!” Yes, emotions can run a bit high during games sometimes…all part of the pirate’s life for the ‘Pods! It was all in good fun!
Team Farm Fresh Eggs was in the top spot with 112 points going into the final. We were roughly in 17th place, tied with two other teams.
Final Category – Science Geography
Name three of the six northernmost U.S. states have two-letter postal abbreviations that are also used as chemical symbols on the Periodic Table of Elements.
Nope…top finishers…
1st- $1250) What the Shibboleth?– 139 Points (League Champion)
2nd- $750) Tanooki Suits– 123 Points
3rd- $250) TRAF– 101 Points
4th Tie- $250) Agatha Quiztie– 90 Points
Where the Gene Wilder Things Are– 90 Points
Well that’s it for the season, folks! We’ll be attempting to play in a central division spot and a west division spot weekly and still continue our attempts to dominate our weekly My Trivia Live games at the Wurst Bar! Our slogan next season: “Two Divisions, Two Leagues.” Does this sound kind of like “Two girls, One Cup?” It’s totally OK if it does! Sex sells, kids! We’ll see y’all in our next game recap on Wednesday! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Bojack Horseman! Though the series would be very dull if that actually happened…

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