Trivia Recap – April 14, 2017- Original Gravity Brewing Co.

A couple of us paid a visit to Original Gravity Brewing Co. for its Sporcle Live trivia night Thursday after more than a month’s absence. Icky weather, work schedules and other pesky trifles all conspired to keep us from playing here more often in the past month and a half. And with that silly overnight shift I have to do next Thursday, the pesky trifling continues. Ugh…Nonetheless, we do plan to return playing here “fairly” regularly when the new season begins! As for Thursday’s game, we blew both final questions, and logged a nearly perfect score in game one, thanks to a set of questions that could not have been more in our “wheelhouse.” Medieval weapons, sketch comedy, military, Africa, and even the sports question was easy enough for us (besides that pesky final sports question that every team missed). Still a fun time out, and had some good conversations with others sitting at the bar! New host Matt aka “Matty Ice” was being trained by the outgoing host Michelangelo – Sporcle Live MC. Aside from scoring discrepancies he had to address in both games, he seemed to do pretty well! We’ll see how he handles what can be kind of a boisterous Thursday night crowd in the upcoming games, his apparent unflappable demeanor might serve him well! And the questions…
Game One
1. Sketch Comedy – What sketch comedy troupe had sketches called “Dead Parrot,’ “Ministry of Silly Walks,” “Lumberjack” and “Pantomime Horses?” The last one was not included with the question that was asked, but that’s one of my favorites…
2. Food – Associated with soda and packaged foods, what processed sweetener has the abbreviation hfcs?
3. Weapons – What is the name given to the centuries old weapon that is basically a club covered with spikes or phalanges? And in D&D, this does D8 worth of damage (per Mike). The more you know!
4. Movie Characters – In the 1986 film “Top Gun,” what is the snake-inspired nickname given to the character played by Tom Skerritt?
5. Africa – Aside from The Gambia, name two of the three other nations in African beginning with the letter “T,” name all three for an extra “nerd” bonus. And Mike got these all right away, which kind of bugged me a bit, since Africa’s supposed to be “my” area. “I’ve been studying up on Africa,” he said. Lovelier words were never uttered in a trivia game (be still my heart…). And Mike’s nickname for The Gambia is “no river for you, Senegal.”
6. Sports Nicknames – What was the nickname of the baseball Halll of Fame pitcher LeRoy Paige? Too easy if I knew it…
7. Literary Characters – In the novel “Treasure Island,” what is the name of the character who had a pet parrot name Flint? This was a live parrot, BTW! 🙂
8. Punk Rock – “Rock ‘n Roll High School” was a 1979 film featuring what prolific American punk rock band? FB hint. We got the extra bonus point for recognizing the title and artist of the song the host was playing.
9. Physics – In the equation for “Hook’s Law,” what letter is used to represent the value of each spring? Our first stumble of the night, but we got it (nice guesswork, Mike).
10. Military History – U.S. troops seized control of what city on April 9, 2003?
And thus concluded a perfect regular round. Will the mystery round stymie us? Read on to see!
Mystery – Planets
1. What planet has the “Great Red Spot?”
2. Which planet has the fastest orbital period at 88 Earth days?
3. Which planet has the diameter closest to that of Earth?
4. Which planet is named for the Roman god of agriculture?
And who wants to guess which one we missed? Roll a D4? If you rolled a 4, you were correct!
Scores – 13 teams, scores 33 to 66, with us in the top spot.
Final Category – NBA Teams
The last time we had an NBA teams final question, we wound up coming very close to getting it correct! We decided to wager just enough points to win – if we got this one right…
The three NBA teams that have won the most games in the 2000s were the Spurs, Mavericks and Lakers. Name the next two out of the next four NBA teams to have won the most games in the 2000s. One of them won the league championship.
And every team missed this one…which meant zero betters reigned supreme!
Game Winners: Subaru, 55; Big Heads, Big Hearts, 58.
Game Two
1. Bubbles – What color is the bubble bath mascot “Mr. Bubble?”
2. Cocktails – What is the primary alcohol ingredient in a Paloma? After learning about what this cocktail is made of, we decided it sounds delicious! And excuse to drink Fresca again, lol…my mom left a glass bottle this stuff in the freezer back in the 1970s, and it exploded!
3. Sports Logos – The logo of which West division NHL team features a broken hockey stick? We had a little help from a NPC sitting near us for this one…thanks guy in the orange shirt!
4. Store Names – What Vermont revolutionary war commander is also the namesake for a furniture store chain? I still use some of this store’s furniture from when I was a kid. Those formica tops could resist a nuclear bombing! 🙂
5. Album Covers – What Grammy-winning band released an album in 2004 which featured a heart shaped grenade? And a NPC sitting right by me helped here…
6. Nuclear Waste – Yucca Mountain is home to the largest nuclear waste disposal in which U.S. state? Miss.
7. Fictional Characters – in 1981, Hallmark cards created what characters, which wound up starring in an animated series and a film? We picked another group of adorable characters that were also created by Hallmark…and spawned a TV series, but not a film. And I had one of these nightgowns when I was a kid with a penguin on it! Those polyester flame-proof PJs lasted FOREVER…I wore that thing well into high school! I bet if I took a lighter to it and tested its flame-proofedness it would fail, though…
8. Anniversaries – How many years have you been married if you are celebrating your diamond anniversary?
9. Nickelodeon – Audio clip of early ’90s Nickelodeon series featuring a know-it-all girl character that we did not watch. Miss.
10. Animals – What kind of animal has species named Ribbon, Leopard, and Elephant?
Visual Mystery –
Missed #1 and #3.
Scores – We were in seventh going into the final after making those big flubs…Care Bears! Pffft! Give me a diabetic coma, will you?
Final Category – Disney Characters
Which iconic Disney character was originally included among the Disney Princesses but was removed because she was not a real princess. She became the central character in a Disney franchise debuting in 2005. If you’re a parent and have a little girl, you were going to have a definite edge with this question! Which we did not…but a couple of teams got this.
Team Mott and team More Beer Less Wits (did I hear that name right?) were the game winners. Is this borderline copyright infringement, More Beer Less Pants? Or is imitation the most sincere form of flattery? And that’s it for now…our next trivia game is TBD, no game plans for Easter weekend. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, all of you dead parrot salespeople!

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