Trivia Recap – Jan. 20, 2017 – Sticks

Well, at least we’re consistently bad! We played our third consecutive game of the season at Stick’s with Sporcle With Tim Thursday and, were again, destroyed by both final questions. History is apparently repeating itself, as we went through a similar “slump” last year around this same time. We’ve been doing well in our weekly My Trivia Live games at The Wurst Bar and have a very solid first place lead there, but not so hot in our Sporcle games. Well, since we obviously need to put more brainpower into getting these damned final questions correct, we’re not going to overthink this quandary too much! Or maybe this is part of our grand strategy to give all of those other teams a false sense of security until we strike them all down at the end (yeah, right…)! Not that such an absurd thing hasn’t happened before, but we digress! Sticks was a more boisterous spot than usual for this week’s game, with a whopping 15 teams in the mix! Some of the teams made it a little “too” obvious when they got questions correct. Meh, maybe we’re just too old if they’re too loud! ‘Pods playing this time included myself (Heather), Mike, Brad and John, who showed up for game two. And the questions…
Game One
1. Song Inspirations – What product was the inspiration for the 1991 Nirvana hit song, “Smells like Teen Spirit?” For an extra “nerd” bonus point, what insect is mentioned in the song’s chorus? Got both for 10 plus the bonus.
2. Publishers – What publishing mogul, who is in his 90s, has reserved a final resting place next to Marilyn Monroe’s? 6
3. MLB Records – What American League West division team beat the Orioles in a 2007 game 30-3 scoring the most runs in a single game in MLB history? My notes are a bit fuzzy on this one…but we missed for 1.
4. Sequels – What was the subtitle of the 1993 sequel to “Sister Act?” I’m SO happy Mike remembered this one…9
5. Snack Foods – Introduced in 2015 and named for a casino game of chance, what was the name of a limited edition variety of Doritos that contained mostly nacho cheese flavored chips with some extra spicy ones thrown into the mix? Good guess, but for only 3.
6. Snoopy – What enemy does Snoopy fight while wearing flight goggles and a scarf? Just because this question was too abysmally easy, I’m going to add this question. Which one of Snoopy’s “Beagle Scouts” shares a name with the last name of an Oscar-winning actor? Want a hint, read on, if not, take this time to think…He won his Oscar for playing a Danish prince. Want another one? He also has two Razzies. What does it say about you when you have more Razzies than Oscars? Hmmm…we got this for 8.
7. Animals – The terms “boomer” and “flier” are used to describe the male and female versions of what animal? Brad was all over this one…and this was the first moment of the night where we didn’t hear a boisterous celebration from another table!
8. Bodies of Water – At a width of less than 1- miles, what body of water connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea? Mike and Brad all over this, 5.
9. Slogans – What motel chain owned by the Blackstone Group has the slogan, “We’ll leave a light on for you?” We had this question in a MTL game recently, 4.
10. Landmarks – In which of the following locations is the Pentagon? Virginia, Washington, D.C. or Maryland? 2
Mystery – Quickfire – As of 2016, name four actors who have won Oscars for best actor besides Leonardo di Caprio.
Came up with only one, brainfarted on name of another guy. Picked another guy who was just nominated, didn’t win. Sigh…
Scores: 15 teams, scores 20 to 62, with Jap Anus Relations in first. We were in second with 60.
Final Category – ’90s TV
We wagered zero on this one, the first time this season we’ve wagered zero on a final. Did it pay off this time? Survey says…
What action-adventure television series that aired in the 1990s was set in Metro City and was named for the model of car that was heavily featured on the show?
After the answer was revealed, I quizzed a TV expert from a rival team on this one. He said he’d never heard of the show. A couple of teams, surprisingly, managed to get it – either they made lucky guesses, or just happened to be one of the handful of people who actually remembered this show! Well played…
Standings: Dem Iggs, 76; Jap Anus Relations, 81.
Game Two
1. World Travel – In 2002, Steve Fossett became the first person to travel solo around the world in what type of aircraft nonstop? Facebook clue, 10.
2. Health – In terms of medical services, what does the letter M stand for in HMO? Not a lot of cheering from the peanut gallery on this one…but we got it for 9.
3. Political Books – What political conservative and TV/radio personality wrote “An Inconvenient Book” in response to Al Gore’s book, “An Inconvenient Truth?” Picked wrong right winger for 3.
4. Language – In grammar, what term is used to express the unstressed syllable in a word, commonly expressed with an upside-down lower-case e? Mike and I all over this one, 8.
5. TV Themes – Audio clue of show David used to watch in a previous life. Ironically, he was not in attendance at this game so we missed it! It was an ABC series that debuted in 2004 and featured a mostly woman cast, if any of you readers want a “hint.”
6. Five-letter words – What five-letter word describes a part of a plant, describes the act of pursing stealthily and also means to harass? Mike and Brad came up with this one quickly.
7. Toothpaste – What Procter and Gamble toothpaste brand is sold under the “Blendamed” name in foreign countries? We latched too much onto the word “blend” here, miss for 4.
8. Football History – Before they moved the first time to L.A., in what city were the Rams located from 1936 to 1945? Brad is usually good at these kinds of questions, but we missed for 1.
9. Singers – What heavy metal singer sang a duet with Lita Ford called “Close Your Eyes Forever?” 6
10. State Nicknames – What northwest state is called “The Gem State?” For an extra “nerd” bonus, what state shares the longest border with this state? 5 plus the bonus.
Mystery – Got all of these.
Scores: Fourteen teams, scores ??? to 56, with the Fallopian Swim Team in first. We were in third with 52 points.
Final Category – Painters
Mike is an artist, and both John and I decent at most art-related topics. So we wagered 20. Long sigh..
Two paintings by Impressionist painters have sold for over $200 million each.
Name either of those two painters, who happen to share a first name.
Of course we thought of the right guys after we handed in our slips. Seriously, how many more sacrifices do we need to make, O Dark Watery Overlord? 🙂Fallopian Swim Team and Dem Iggs game winners. Until next time, which is TBD. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, all of you people who frequented the Moulin Rouge! We know you were just there to watch the dancing (wink-wink). Again, Go Pods! It seems like we need that extra boost these days (sigh).

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