Trivia About H.P. Lovecraft (and stuff)

Here is what our re-cap writer thought a round of trivia questions based entirely on H.P. Lovecraft, cephalopods, and other things with tenuous (or tentacled, if you will) connections thereof might look like! Category names (with only a few of them slightly modified) remain identical to a game played roughly a week ago. Note: no mystery rounds and just one final question. Let’s see how many of these people know! We threw in some “gimmes” that even those not in the “know” might know…have fun!
1. Commercials – What insurance company recently used a Kraken wreaking havoc at a golf tournament in one of its commercials?
2. NFL Teams – Author H.P. Lovecraft is from what East Coast U.S. state, which does not have an NFL franchise?
3. Song Locations – What location follows the following lyrics from Metallica’s “The Thing That Should Not Be?” Fearless wretch/Insanity/He watches/Lurking….?
4. Artwork – Illustrator Ben Cort provided the art for what children’s book published by Ringo Starr in 2014?
5. The Moon – In what H.P. Lovecraft story did cats fly into space to fight creatures called “moon beasts?”
6. Cars – Within two, in what year did H.P. Lovecraft die – which was also the same year the Flint “Sit-Down Strike” was resolved? For “nerd” bonus, get the year exactly. For an extra nerd point, ID the exact month, date and year in which Lovecraft died.
7. Directors – Film director John Carpenter directed what 1994 film starring Sam Neill and Jurgen Prochnow?
8. U.S. Capitals – Which state’s capital lies at the head of Narragansett Bay?
9. Sushi – Ika geso translates into what English word for a part of the squid commonly used in sushi?
10. Adaptations – Name the full title of the work inspiring the 1985 film “Re-animator.”
Game Two
1. Actresses – Who provided the voice of Ursula in the 1989 animated film “The Little Mermaid?”
2. Magic – In what H.P. Lovecraft story would you find the quote: “I say to you again: Do not call up Any that you cannot put down?”
3. Children’s Books – In the popular Internet and T-shirt theme “Cthulhu Hears the Call,” what children’s book is being parodied?
4. Outfielders – Rhode Island-born outfielder Mason Williams plays for what MLB franchise?
5. Asian Languages – From what language does the word “sushi” derive?
6. ’80s Movies – What is the English title of the Japanese animated film Urotsukidōji?
7. SCIENCE! – What pseudoscience involves the search for animals whose existence has not been proven due to lack of evidence?
8. Guitars – Which Metallica member has a signature guitar named for him?
9. Laws – According to Washington state law, octopus must be hunted in what fashion to avoid using any instrument that could pierce the animal’s skin?
10. Shoes – What singer of “Bad Romance” recently had a pair of Octopus-inspired shoes designed for them by Filipino shoe designer Kermit Tesoro?
Final Category: H.P. Lovecraft Stories
Put the following H.P. Lovecraft stories in order of their publication: The Dunwich Horror, The Call of Cthulhu, The Strange High House in the Mist, Azathoth.

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