Trivia Recap – May 4, 2016 – Wurst Bar

Numerology. Some numbers are just cooler than others. There is sixty-nine, which Bill and Ted from “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” taught us was a cool number. It’s just filthy, and really, aren’t we all filthy animals when you get right down to it? Now excuse me while I go listen to some very raunchy Prince lyrics…Erotic City? Let’s Pretend We’re Married? Darling Nikki (did that one in a karaoke joint once). My personal favorite number is 23. As for “cool” numbers, there is also forty-two. The ultimate answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. Which is meaningful if you have read books by British writer Douglas Adams. If he were alive today, I believe he would hold sway over social media on par with George Takei and cat videos. Of course that is just a theory. But all of you super-nerds out there will know what I am talking about with 42! Interestingly enough, I scored 42 points in a My Trivia Live joint aka The Wurst Bar in Ypsilanti tonight. Yikes. You know it is bad when you have a boxing question and two of the answers you brainstorm are fictitious boxers – and a third is the birth name of one of the boxers they ask about. My normal “partner in crime” was too exhausted to attend tonight’s game (she is a teacher in the largest and most beleaguered school district in this state so I will forgive her), so it was left up to me, H.R., to try to answer a difficult battery of questions. If trivia were my job? I would be so fired tonight. Yes, I am identifying myself by initials this week. Perhaps I will cop an unpronounceable symbol next week. Never a dull moment! And the questions…
Round One
1. Nursery Rhymes – According to an English nursery rhyme, who ran after the farmer’s wife? Five points.
2. Space- Named after an astronomer, what is the name of the first optical space telescope? three points.
3. Guns – What is the common name of the manned portable anti-tank rocket launcher used in World War 2? My husband Mike has a board game called “Ogre” which involves tank warfare. Tried as I might, this answer just wasn’t in my brain, or to be pried out with a crowbar. Not that I wasn’t willing to try…miss for 1.
Round Two
1. Singers – Who is alleged to have choked singer Rihanna to unconsciousness in a rented Lambhorgini shortly before the 2009 Grammy Awards? I could not think of the right scuzzbag to save my life. Was this attempted murder or some kind of erotic shenanigans? I won’t judge them for the latter! Miss for 1.
2. TV – What is the name of the drama series set at Sacred Heart Hospital? There was more to the question, but this is the gist of it. Five points.
3. SCIENCE – What color does red litmus paper turn when in contact with an alkaline substance? Nope, miss for 3. Did not risk answering the bonus question – which was how many odorless, colorless with very low chemical reactivity noble gases occur naturally?
Round Three
1. Sports – In the first pay-per-view boxing event headlined by women, whose daughter, who is the daughter of a former heavyweight champion, fought Muhammad Ali’s daughter? And here are the names I brainstormed, which tells you how much I know about “sportsglove” – George Foreman, Drederick Tatum, Mike Tyson, Apollo Creed, and Cassius Clay. Miss for 1. Which two of these are not real people?


Drederick Tatum on The Simpsons, whom was a parody of Mike Tyson. This character was imprisoned for pushing his mother down the stairs.

2. Legal Documents – How long is a passport normally valid for a person who is at least 16 years of age? Thought about the correct answer, but instead turned in an answer that was half that number. Yeah, I don’t get out much. By airplane or cruise ship, that is!
3. Food – What food item was first introduced at the World’s Fair in St. Louis when a food vendor served food to another food vendor rolled up in a cornucopia? Good guess for 5.
Halftime (this is going to be brutal, putona da seatbeltz!)
Identify the movies with identical names based on the pairs of movies given along with release years and main actors from the movies.
1. 1950 – James Stewart, 1996 John Travolta
2. 2000 – Mel Gibson, 1998, Steven Seagal
3. 2010 – Mandy Moore, 2001, Rachel Leigh Cook
4. 1946 Cary Grant, 2009, Jamal Woodard
Missed. Every. Single. One. But thought about right answer for #1. And crossed it off. This was a rough round for all of the teams, apparently. I am pretty crappy at anything involving movies made before 1972 unless they won the best picture Oscar or something.
Standings at the half: Eight teams, scores 14 to 34, with Drinking Team in first. I was tied with the Runts with sixth with 18 points. Worst. MTL. Round. Ever. Of all time…
Round Four
1. Fashion – Did not write this down because it is the newsletter question. It is on the web site for this trivia company for all of you inquiring minds.
2. TV – Which TV show took its name from a word that means a large amount of something valuable? Four points.
3. Internet – Symbolics is the company that registered the first dotcom web domain. What did they manufacture? And because no teams got this correct, host Stacy switched the question out for this one:
3B Actresses – What actress won Oscars for “Gone with the Wind” and “A Streetcar Named Desire?” Six points.
1. Precious Metals – What metal was considered more precious than gold and silver in the 1800s because it was more difficult to obatin? Picked another commonly used metal from the time, miss for 2.
2. Languages – In what country is Romansch an official language? Nope, miss for 4. Yes, I just blew an entire round!
3. Music – Which “Muppets” character had a hit song in 1979 with “The Rainbow Connection? One time at Girl Scout camp…I had to sing this song! Someday we’ll find it…the rainbow connection…” Got this for 4.
Standings: Eight teams, scores 33 to 59 with Joey Tribbiani in the lead. I was in sixth again with 42 points. And isn’t that a sportsball player’s number, too? Is that why Douglas Adams picked it?
Final Category: Time Zones
Within 1, how many U.S. states are located entirely in the Eastern time zone? Off by one on my answer. Unsure when the next trivia outing will be, as always, stay tuned, and stay classy Ypsilanti! And Go Generation Double X! And Go Pods!

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