Trivia Recap – March 31, 2016 – Wurst

Three ‘Pods visited The Wurst Bar Wednesday to take a stab at a My Trivia Live game. Despite being in first place with a near-perfect game at the half and in second place heading into the final? Nope, no prizes for us! That’s perfectly OK, because if we had to be taken down by a final question, it was a particularly tough one – “One of the most famous photographic portraits ever made was photographed by Yousuf Karsh and ended up on the cover of Life Magazine in 1952, after World War 2 ended and is considered the most reproduced image ever made. Whose image was it? We happened to guess another person who was also famously photographed by this photographer, but alas, it was not the answer that was needed. Yep, that happens! One of these days…we just might win a gift card! But Wednesday that did not come to pass. Participating players included Heather, Mike and John, and John’s guest Sylvia (who helped out on a couple of questions). On to the questions…
Round One
1. New York – In which New York borough would you find the district of Harlem? And John showed up just in time, got this for 3.
2. Mythology – Was the Trojan Horse full of Trojans – or Greeks? Five points.
3. Sports Nicknames – What was the nickname of football Hall of Famer Charles Edward Greene? One point.
Round Two
1. Music – What weekly radio show featuring country music first aired in 1925 and was called the show that “made country music famous?” Five points.
2. Holidays – What holiday was first observed in the United States in 1986 but not by all 50 states until the year 2000? Three points.
3. Opera – The Marriage of what character completes the name of a 1786 Mozart opera? Got this for one point. For bonus points, what are the names of the three night visitors in the Gian Carlo Menotti opera “Amahl and the Night Visitors?” Heather had the right guess for the bonus answer, but we did not want to lose all of our points if it was incorrect 😦 Our only miss in the first half. Seriously, though keep those Mozart questions a comin’! 🙂
Round Three
1. Movies – Which film starring the Beatles concerned the theft of a ring from Ringo Starr by a religious organization? Good guess for 1.
2. Landmarks – Victor Lustig was a con artist who tried to convince scrap metal dealers to purchase what landmark from him? A lot of discussion, but got this for 5.
3. Social Networks – The general manager of what social network in Great Britain was called the “Free speech way of the Free Speech Party?” John did not lead us astray here, nice work 3 points.
Halftime – TV theme songs – Identify the TV theme song based on the provided lyrics.
1. 1985 – “As long as we’re together.”
2. 1982 – “Where everybody knows your name.”
3. 1979 – “We’re just the good old boys.”
4. 2001 – “I’m Your Superman.”
Got them all.
Scores heading into the second half: Fourteen teams playing with scores ranging from 14 to 37, with us playing under the name New Squids on the Block in the top spot.
Second Half
Round Four
1. History – Who is said to be the father of history? Multiple choices given, did not write them all down, got this for 4.
2. Music – In June, 2015 a song called “Thinking out Loud” by what English singer became the first to spend a full year on the UK Top 100? Miss for 2.
3. Movies – In the ’60s, Margaret Rutherford starred in several movies as what literary detective? Six points.
Round Five
1. Explorations – In which decade of the 20th century did Roald Amundsen and his party become the first humans to reach the South Pole? Heather with the right guess for 4.
2. Authors- Who wrote “The Bell Jar,” “Colossus and Other Poems” and “Ariel” and committed suicide in 1963? Six points.
3. Logos – What person’s image was seen on the very first logo for Apple computers? Miss for 2.
Round Six
1. Lakes – Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States by total water capacity, is part of which two states? Mike’s map-making ability was key here, got it for 4.
2. Sports – What country did not participate in the Olympics until 1952, but from 1928 until then had its own athletic competition called Sparta Kiadz? A lot of discussion, got it for 2.
3. Famous Americans – Henry Ford II’s grandfather was Henry Ford – Who was Henry Ford II’s father? Heather nails this one for 6 (whew, that could have been disastrous!).
Heading into the final: Fifteen teams with scores ranging from 16 to 72, with Sabretooth in the top spot. We were in second with (wait for it) 69 points. Refer back to the top for the final question. We missed it, and My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem got the question correct and moved up from fifth place to win. Did not write down the second and third place teams. Until next time, which will be Sunday, where we will play at theYpsiAlehouse for Sporcle and Shine with Emily for its debut show. Go Pods!

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