Trivia Recap – March 10 ,2016 – Wurst

It’s plain and simple – there are things in life that will defeat you. There are physical defeats – like maybe that waterfall trail in the Smokies with 2,000 feet of elevation gain. Or those mental defeats, like high school algebra class, or a trivia question about an “larger than life” comedian who provided voice work in a 1981 animated film (and not a very good film imho). And in all of these cases, you can tell yourself that at least your nemesis – whether it be a mountain, math class, or what have you – was a worthy adversary and can say “well played – well played. OK, mountain, you win this round….” On Wednesday, a ‘Pod and a player from More Beer Less Pants engaged in trivia battle at the Wurst Bar for My Trivia Live and were laid low by some obscure, obscure questions. And one not so obscure one about Tarzan’s sidekick (that flub was totally our bad). Representing players were Heather and Angie. Now for the gory details! NOTE: some of the questions were extremely convoluted in terms of wording and the versions you see here may be extremely abridged. Deal with it! Pretty please? 🙂
Round One
1. Sidekicks – What is the name of Tarzan’s chimp sidekick? Lots of thought went into this one – “I KNOW it’s an animal name,” Heather said. “What do you mean,” Angie asked – “You mean like ‘Bobo?'” “No, Heather said. “I mean like it’s the name of animal but not the name that the animal actually is.” So after conceding defeat for 1 point on this one, we joked about ridiculous name possibilities – Grevy’s zebra, Thomson’s gazelle, river otter, woolly mammoth. Because laughter’s the spice of life, right? Moving on…
2. Partners in Crime – Who is Boris Badenov’s partner in crime on the “Rocky and Bullwinkle Show?” Yeah, someone said this is “older person trivia…” five points.
3. Cops – Actor Peter Falk played what title character who was a police detective from 1968 to 2003? Three points.
Round Two
1. Wine – What currently produced wine company that has been around since 1906 in Yosemite, CA has used the slogan “fresh to the last blast?” Good guess for 1.
2. Art- What French emperor re-named the Louvre in his honor in the early 1800s? Five points.
3. Food festivals – Even though the origins are not from the U.P., what is the name of the flaky pie crust dish filled with meat and vegetables – which has an annual festival in Calumet, MI? Ooh, a Michigan question….three points. For extra bonus, what is the name of the Eastern European dish that is a small potato-filled pocket typically covered with chives and or sour cream that has an festival in its honor in
Whiting, IN? Anyone getting hungry? Got this bonus.
Round Three
1. At the movies – What two movie critics hosted “At the Movies” from 1986 to 1999? Five points.
2. Drive-Thrus – At their peak, what American-based retailer had more than 4,000 drive-thru kiosks in shopping centers across the U.S.? “Heather: I remember those.” Angie: “I don’t but Scott told me about them.” Generation gappy, lol…three points.
3. Bingo Lingo – In bingo lingo, what two digit number is called “legs?” Angie for 1 point, yay!
Halftime (these questions are EXTREMELY abridged)
Name the following four businessmen, who all filed for bankruptcy at some point during their lives, based on the descriptions:
1. Born 1857, went on to build a successful empire in Lancaster, PA
2. Born 1863, perfected the assembly-line process used to build cars
3. Born 1901, person holding the record for most Oscars won in a single ceremony
4. Born 1922, known for his sense of storytelling, helped build a massive media empire
Got them all, Angie helped greatly on #1 and #4!
Halftime scores: Eight teams with scores ranging from 10 to 39, with Generation Double X (yes, that would be our team, woo woo) in the top spot. We knew we still had some mountains to climb, so didn’t get too celebratory! And we were right not to, as you will see….
Round Four
1. Sequels – What is the name of the sequel to “Get Shorty?” Six points.
2. Music – What class of instruments does a zither belong to? Four points.
3. Speeches – How many years does four score and seven years add up to in the Gettysburg Address?
Round Five (here’s where it gets ugly, kids…)
1. Heavy Metal – What famous late “larger than life” comedian provided the voice of a desk sergeant in the film “Heavy Metal?” Someone (not naming names), seemed to think the right guy was not “larger than life” per the description and was thus misled. Physically larger, yes, we will not argue that! Miss for 2.
2. Seas – In what sea is the island of Crete located? Four points.
3. The New Deal – In what U.S. state would you find Arthurdale, which was founded as a city to help impoverished laborers, farmers and coal miners during the Great Depression? Huh? Really? Nope, miss for 6, totally our bad, should have wagered higher on the islands one, oops. Won’t get fooled again!
Round Six
1. ’90s Movies – In what 1999 movie does Allison Janney play a guidance counselor named Mrs. Perky? Miss for 2.
2. Famous Streets (not famous enough, apparently, jussayn) – What U.S. street runs for 12 blocks and is known for its intersection of Hyde and Leavenworth? Huh? Upon hearing the answer, we wondered if it’s the same street the “Too Close for Comfort” house is located, but way too lazy to google that…miss for four, Generation Double X was quickly appearing to be the lost generation, (sniffle).
3. Colors – What secondary color is created by mixing red and yellow? D’erp, six points.
Heading into the final: Ten teams with scores ranging from 45 to 67. We dropped to fifth (all right questions, you win this round!) with 61 points. Well, maybe the final question will be just tough enough to thin the herd? Nope, not a chance! Well, at least it will be easier than the “businessmen” question we had last time.
U.S. History – What two founding fathers died on July 4, 1826? And the final standings remained relatively unchanged, with Joey Tribbiano and You’re Not Listening ending in a tie for first with 132 points. The tiebreaker -Russian leader Ivan IV began his reign in what year? Heather played along and pulled the guess of 1542 out of the ass. Turns out this guess was just five years off from the correct guess of 1547! It’s always fun to play along with tiebreakers, even if you don’t have to participate in them imho. So no gift cards and some tough questions, Big deal! There’s always another trivia night! Go Pods! Fear the Beer! Until the next meeting of Generation Double X!

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