Trivia Recap – April 29, 2016 – Original Gravity

A couple of ‘Pods visited Original Gravity Brewing Co. in Milan Thursday for a Michelangelo – Sporcle Live MC outing. And though neither of the players drank any V-8 juice before coming out for the game? They teamed up to answer a final question correctly about the beverage’s ingredients in game two, which was enough to win a $20 gift card. The representative duo this time was Heather and Dave, who had never played a trivia game as a “duo” previously. There were some pointless flubs, blank stares and some nice moments of teamwork. Even Dave’s son Johan was getting into the spirit of things by saying our team cheer “Go Pods!” and helping to turn in some answer slips. That is, when he wasn’t busy trying to learn fractions or playing arcade games! “Shhh…Daddy’s trying to think about baseball players, give him a minute.” In addition to baseball, one of the questions happened to be about arcade games, and for a quarter, could be played in the same room trivia was being staged. Another question involved the actress pictured with this post, though the question was not about this film (Black Snake Moan). Though Mike was unable to attend the game, he would give a big thumbs-up to using a photo of this particular actress (though he prefers her as a brunette) 🙂 Without further ado, the questions…
Game One
1. Advertising – What specific kind of animal was used in Taco Bell advertising in the late ’90s in its “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” campaign? Ten points.
2. First Basemen – First Baseman Mo Vaughn earned the 1995 MVP while playing for what American League team? Miss for 1.
3. Weather – Four-inch diameter hail is referred to as being the size of what citrus fruit? Four points.
4. Directors – Name one of the two movies directed by Cameron Crowe starring Tom Cruise. Name both for extra point. Got both for nine (plus one).
5. Politicians – Lincoln Chafee previously served as U.S. Senator and governor of which eastern U.S. state? Miss for 2.
6. Pop Music – “I Want to Love You Forever,” “I Think I”m In Love With You,” and “Irresistible” are hits by what pop artist? Nope, miss for 3.
7. Companies – What American company founded in 1975 in Los Angeles originally made motorcycle grips and later began offering eyewear? Dave steps up for 8.
8. Comedy Central – Audio clip of theme song we did not recognize, miss for 5.
9. Food – What is the name for the Italian dish made of corn meal that is made into a porridge then baked or fried? seven points.
10. Video Games – What arcade game features characters named Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde? Six points.
Mystery – Progressive – What actor am I? Ugh…
1. I provided the voice of Splinter in the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and Luigi in the 2006 film “Cars.”
2. I appeared in “Galaxy Quest,” “Men in Black,” and “The Siege.” And this is where we handed in our slip for six points woot!
3. I won primetime emmys for my role on a TV show
4. I was known as the character “Monk.”
Game one standings: Twelve teams with scores ranging from 12 to 59 with Josh Pit in the top spot. We were tied for second with 55 points with three other teams.
Final Category: Presidents
Three U.S. presidents got married while they were serving as president.
Name one of those three presidents.
Dave named one of the ones that would have been correct. But we wrote down a different one…nope. There was a tiebreaker for first, the two teams –More Beer Less Pants and Mellows – had to guess how many years between the birthdays of Larry David and Thurgood Marshall. Mellows won the tiebreaker, MBLP got the second place gift card. As of this re-cap’s posting, their team was not listed among the teams playing Thursday, so hopefully this gets straightened out so they get credit for this game. If any witnesses are needed, we’ll gladly testify, lol!
Game Two
1. Cover Songs – Alien Ant farm covered what Michael Jackson song in 2001? Ten points.
2. History – Taking place over two days in 1848, the Seneca Falls Convention in New York was about what issue? Our history experts were not in attendance at this game, miss for 4. Picked another issue popular at the time.
3. Reality TV – Which coach on “The Voice” has won the most # of seasons, including three of the first four seasons? Miss for 2.
4. Viral Videos – What natural phenomenon was recorded in a viral video from 2010 by Paul “Bear” Vasquez? Thanks Dave for knowing this, got this for 9.
5. Actresses – What actress made her big-screen debut as Cher’s daughter in “Mermaids?” Some teams put down the other actress playing her daughter, apparently, got this for 8.
6. Soccer – The MLS team Whitecaps are located in which Canadian city? Seven points.
7. U.S. Geography – There are two U.S. states whose total area is greater than 40 percent water. Name one of those, name both for extra point. We put down the wrong non-contiguous state, we were kind of confused by the wording of the question. Do glaciers count? Hm…. Miss for 1.
8. Fragrances – What fictional character brought a fragrance called “Moi” when appearing on the “Today” show with Matt Lauer in 1998? Why can’t all FB clues be this easy (whine)? Tuesdays was harder….got this for 6.
9. Anatomy (SCIENCE!) – What organ destroys old and damaged red blood cells and serves as a reservoir for blood? Dave the SCIENTIST! steps up here for 2.
10. Literary Terms – What eight-letter term describes a four-line section of poetry? This is simplified version of question that was asked, alas, we failed. Yes, a team consisting of someone with an English degree and a son of a former English teacher failed this one most spectacularly, but only for 2. But still! Were we too deep into our beers by then? Did that 8.5 percent ABV IPA decide to cause a case of the dumbs? But Mom, I only had the little glass (seriously those small glasses at OG are really super cute, they are like the little juice glasses you can get at a diner).
Visual Mystery: Missed two of these, unsure which two.
Game two standings: Eleven teams, scores ranging from 23 to ??? with Josh Pit in the top spot. We were in sixth with 45 points, right behind More Beer Less Pants, who had 47 points.
Final Category: Ingredients
The original V-8 juice was named such because it contains juice from eight different vegetables, including tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, and four leafy vegetables.
Name three of those four leafy vegetables.
Heather came up with two correct ones immediately, remembered one of them from a Sporcle quiz she took a couple of years ago (you know, like that strange knowledge you keep around in the brain like fine china that rarely gets used?). Dave came up with the third and bam! It’s not often we’re the only team in the bar getting a final question correct. It’s usually the other way around – every other team gets it right but us, or we wager poorly, pick the president that was in a duel with someone before becoming president instead of the correct one, yada yada. Ironically enough, our player who actually enjoys drinking V-8 juices and their generic clones (even without vodka), Mike, was not in attendance. Bottoms up! We will be taking a break from trivia for a couple of days (yes really) and returning to theYpsiAlehouse Sunday. As always, Go Pods!

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