Trivia Recap – April 25, 2016 – YpsiAlehouse

Dig if you will, the picture…the ‘Pods deciding to get ballsy on a final question about game shows and getting it correct. Can you my darling, can you picture this? Oh, OK, we will stop quoting Prince lyrics (sheesh). Was it the full moon? Were strange things afoot at the Circle K? Did we get lucky? Yes, you can pick “all of the above.” Yes, that was just one strange thing happening Sunday when a trio of ‘Pods visited the YpsiAlehouse for Sporcle With Tim, who was subbing for regular host Emily. We wound up winning a $100 gift card in a Sporcle Live raffle, and two first place prizes worth $20 each. We flubbed the first final question about Woody Allen movies, and finished with 103 points for the night. Meh…the season starts today, so that’s OK! The YpsiAlehouse Sunday had a very decent crowd of both trivia players and people there just to hang out on a nice day, both inside and out on the patio. It’s nice to see a new business doing well, and of course we want nothing more than a place in our town to have a thriving trivia scene. There were nine teams in game one, eight in game two. Representin’ players were Heather, Mike and Brad. On to the questions…
Game One
1. Ingredients – After carbonated water, what is the most abundant ingredient in Coca-Cola sold in the United States? Ten points.
2. NFL Teams – Within one, how many NFL teams are in states that share a land or water border with Canada? Heather and Brad teamed up here, but nope, we were off by one. Heather’s list did not include Wisconsin, Brad’s did. Miss for 4.
3. Album Covers – On the Lady Gaga album “Born This Way,” the image is half woman and half what type of vehicle? Mike good guess for 1.
4. Companies – What company that trades under the letter “X” on the New York Stock Exchange was the first billion dollar corporation? Nine points.
5. Vitamins – Vitamin B3 is also known by what six-letter word beginning with “N?” Eight points.
6. Talk Show Hosts – Audio clue of talk show host Brad instantly recognized. Five points. First strange incident of the night – TV is not a strong category for us, fist bump to ya, Brad!
7. Literature – What Dr. Seuss book is subtitled “The Simplest Seuss for Youngest Use” with only eight characters in the title? Seven points.
8. D.C. – What landmark is located directly west of the reflecting pool in Washington, D.C.? Landmarks, ugh….why did it have to be landmarks? Miss for 2.
9. D.C. Comics – What 2005 film starring Keanu Reeves was based on a D.C. comic series? For nerd point, what was the name of the comic book series? Missed the nerd point, got this for six.
10. Slogans – What Johnson & Johnson product “gets the red out?” Three points.
Mystery: Nine-letter U.S. states
1. What is the northernmost state with nine letters?
2. What is the southernmost state with nine letters?
3. What is the only nine letter state bordering one of the previously listed states?
4. For what nine-letter state is the road runner the official state bird?
Got all of these.
Heading into the final: Nine teams with scores ranging from 26 to 60, with us in the lead. Norfolk & Chance were right behind us with 54 points.
Final category: Movie Titles
Since 2005, Woody Allen has directed three films with titles that include the name of a major city. Name two of those three cities.
Our “film” person hates Woody Allen movies. We came up with one correct city on a guess, missed the one that should be obvious. D’oh! We wagered 15.
Final standings: Norfolk and Chance, 34; How Fine is Team Nine, 43; ‘Pods, 45. No teams got it correct.
Game Two
1. Celebrity Marriages – Since 2006, actor Dean McDermott has been married to what actress known for her TV roles? Miss for 1.
2. Tennis – In tennis, what word is used to describe a tied game? Miss for 4.
3. YouTube – What is the most subscribed YouTube channel featuring a woman that is not music based? Miss for 2. Kudos to the one team that got this…
4. Country Borders – With what country does Papua New Guinea share its only land border? Yay, our first correct answer of the round for 10!
5. Art – What Italian painting technique involves watercolor on wet plaster? Nine points.
6. TV Networks – The made-for-TV film “Sharknado” and its sequels originally aired on what network? For nerd point, who played Fin Shepard in the series? Got this for 9, missed the nerd point. But the actor did date the actress in question #1 on “Beverly Hills: 90210…”
7. Tests – The four subjects on the ACT college entrance exam include reading, math, English and what other subject? Miss for 3.
8. Title Characters – Who played the title character in the 1998 film “The Man in the Iron Mask?”
9. Presidents – What future U.S. president commanded forces in the Creek War of 1814? Heather initially wrote down right guy and changed it to another future president who fought Indians (and died shortly after taking office). Had a certain husband (ahem) spoken up about knowing where the Creek Indians lived (the same state where the correct president was born), we would not have missed this. Communication breakdown. These things happen, but OUCH miss for 7! Again, ouch! This is not our round!
10. Measurements – One light years is approximately six millioin, six billion, six octillion, or six trillion? Miss for SIX.
Mystery: Missed #1, though Brad was on the right track with the guy’s name (nice work!).
Heading into the final: Eight teams with scores ranging from 33 to 53 with Norfolk & Chance in the top spot. We were in seventh with 38 points. And this is when Heather said aloud, “Could this be the game where the ‘Pods come from behind, get the final question right and win the game?” Could it be? Read on…
Final Category: Game shows
Mike started writing down his standard “zero” on the slip since this is NOT a strong category for us. But Brad argued, “We’re not going to win this game with a zero bet.” What? Who are you and what have you done with Brad? And Heather just shrugged, “Whatever, we already won a prize in game one, let’s do this.” So we wagered 20. On GAME SHOWS….and then we braced ourselves for the impending doom….(fingers crossed).
Game Shows
What TV reality game show used a green thumbprint as its logo, and featured two celebrity editions that were won by Kathy Griffin and Dennis Rodman, respectively?
And Mike knew this one instantly because he is a graphic artist and remembered liking the LOGO. We did mention this was a strange trivia night, didn’t we?
Final standings: Norfolk & Chance, 53; Diane’s Gs, 54; and ‘Pods, 58. We will be back here next Sunday, Go ‘Pods!

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